Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Much First Day Excitement

Yesterday was the day we had been waiting for and yes, we were up early and ready to get on the road to Yellowstone.

As we packed up and left Spring Creek RV Park, we saw this

Yellowstone 2009 004

beautiful rainbow up and over the mountains. What a way to start the day. Then as drove through the little town of Big Timber on our way to to I-90, the

Yellowstone 2009 006

clock on the bank and

Yellowstone 2009 005

the temperature, indicated that it was going to be a great day as well.

We traveled west out I-90 through

Yellowstone 2009 033

Bozeman, Montana. We saw this worker

Yellowstone 2009 036 hanging this sign as the traffic scooted by on both sides.

Then it was on to West Yellowstone. We are arrived at the Lions Head RV Park without any problems, checked in and got to our sites. Then the fun began. The sites are big as they only rent out every other one. They are just grass sites, which is okay, but it was hard to level. After several tries, we finally got it and finished the setting up process. By this time, the guys are hungry and of course they have a plan…let’s grab the cameras, head to town, get a hamburger, and get to

Yellowstone 2009 030

the park! And, that is exactly what we did… and this is what we saw on our first day as we drove through the North Loop.

Yellowstone 2009 086

An eagle sitting in the tree keeping watch over her

Yellowstone 2009 088

baby that was high in a tree not far away! Just a short drive down the road, we found

Yellowstone 2009 094

this elk feeding not far from the road. You could almost reach out and touch her.

We drive on…we stopped to see

Yellowstone 2009 126

Yellowstone 2009 122

There are lots of these throughout the park.

Okay…guys, I know we are looking for wildlife! So we drive on…but first we have to see

Yellowstone 2009 137

Yellowstone 2009 148

A lot of these were not active, but as we climbed to the top we did find one that was

Yellowstone 2009 161

pretty bubbly.

Okay, Ellie and I got a little walk out of this stop…we are now back in the car and off to the next stop which brought us to

Yellowstone 2009 181

Mammoth Falls. We didn’t stay here long as there was a lot to see and a lot of walking, so we have put that on the list to go back to when the kids get here. We decided to stop in the little town below

Yellowstone 2009 187

cold drinks and a snack. At this point we way into the loop and the guys are on the hunt for more wildlife. Maybe we will come here another day.

Next on the loop, we found

Yellowstone 2009 194

waterfalls, and

Yellowstone 2009 234

tall rocks, and

Yellowstone 2009 136

pretty flowers, and then we rounded the corner and saw a lot of cars by the side of the road and knew there was something to see. And, something to see it was!

Yellowstone 2009 208

This beautiful bull elk was just minding his own business feeding on the flowers and grass. He didn’t seem to mind that we were all flashing the camera in his face. He was so pretty, it was hard to get back in the car, but we must proceed or we will never get completely through this loop. It wasn’t long until we found another group of cars along side the road and at this stop we found

Yellowstone 2009 244

MOOSE! Caden, Moppa is so sorry you aren’t here to finally see that moose you looked for all through Custer. He was beautiful.

We didn’t think this day could get any better. We have seen so much more that we ever dreamed of seeing and we are only on day one. Then we saw

Yellowstone 2009 269

snow on the top of Mount Washburn and we saw

Yellowstone 2009 256

this beautiful river gorge. Then, there was the highlight of the day…we came upon another group of cars, some park rangers, and this

Yellowstone 2009 273

grizzly bear!

What a day this has been. Remember how we started the day with the rainbow…well, this is the way

Yellowstone 2009 276

we ended a great day. See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh I wish I was there with you. I just love Yellow Stone it is almost like you are on another planet when you are there. Thanks for the pictures they bring back alot of really good memories for me

    have fun and take care
    Brenda Brown

  2. Tell Mark he has beginner luck in seeing all those animals on the first day. You guys have a wonderful, wonderful time!
    Mike & Janna

  3. Oh wow, great start to your tour of the area.. That rainbow sure did bring you luck.. The kids are going to love it there..

  4. I love your pictures, and the way you are writing your blog. It's very easy reading - very entertaining, and interesting with the pictures interspersed. I can't believe you saw all those animals in one day!! I'm so envious! This trip the 4 of you are taking sounds great - I can't wait to take the same route oourselves!!


  5. Good grief, you saw more wildlife in one day than we saw the whole month we spent there last summer! Good for you guys!

    Debbie & Rod