Monday, July 6, 2009

Friends, Family, and Fun

After our disappointment of not seeing the fireworks on Friday evening at Mount Rushmore, we all recovered and regrouped and had a great weekend.

On Saturday morning, Mark and I headed out to show the kids some of this beautiful country. We started with a drive on Iron Mountain Road which takes you aroundSouth Dakota 2009 034

some twists and turns, but will bring you to this tunnel

South Dakota 2009 043

that frames Mount Rushmore perfectly.

Along that same road we found some

South Dakota 2009 081

rocks to climb on. Kate and Caden are making their way across the rocks, while

South Dakota 2009 083

Zachary tried it on his own. Then, there was

South Dakota 2009 068

Greg standing on the edge of this rock because

South Dakota 2009 069

he was focused in on this fellow down below.

Once we were were all down from the climb,

South Dakota 2009 055

Kate, Greg, and Zachary all posed for this picture and

South Dakota 2009 064

Caden found this log to take a rest.

South Dakota 2009 051

Mark and I took our turn in front of the camera.

South Dakota 2009 086

Caden and I took a little stroll on the walking trail, before leaving the high county for the little town of Keystone

South Dakota 2009 108

were we parked, had a quick bite of lunch, and did a little shopping.

South Dakota 2009 118

Rattlesnake Jake’s was a favorite. Great shoes and jewelry. When our shopping was finished, we headed back to the RV Park where we had planned to attend a potluck dinner.

South Dakota 2009 123

Jim, Ellie, and Pat are watching the grill.

South Dakota 2009 122

Caden is first to eat, while Kate and Greg are waiting on the above grill masters to get the hamburgers ready.

South Dakota 2009 125

Mark and Caden are enjoying the desserts.

After dinner,

At the Fire

we made a campfire and when it got dark we were able to

Custer Fireworks XI

Custer Fireworks XV

watch the fireworks from downtown Custer. These pictures were taken by Jim who was patient enough to put the camera on the tripod. Thanks Jim for sharing your work.

Again, we hope everyone

South Dakota 2009 114

had a great July 4th weekend.

Today, Sunday, we headed out early to take Zachary back to Mount Rushmore for the official visit since we didn’t get to see much of the park on Friday evening.

South Dakota 2009 010

South Dakota 2009 029

Zachary and Caden found some more rocks to climb. I think they are both part mountain goat. LOL

South Dakota 2009 050

A little information about Mount Rushmore….this was the way it was suppose to look, but

South Dakota 2009 051

this is the way it turned out.

After walking around the park for most of the morning, it was time for lunch before we knew it and

South Dakota 2009 059

Caden was starving….as you can tell. He is chowing down on this pizza, but

South Dakota 2009 062

he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Poppa’s ice cream cone. Thanks for sharing Pop!

When we had seen it all, we

South Dakota 2009 064

headed out of the park. By this time Zachary had decided he wanted to

South Dakota 2009 073

Sylvan Lake and ride the paddle boats with his mom. While they were enjoying the lake,

South Dakota 2009 086

Caden and Pop enjoyed a visit on the shore. Once Kate and Zachary were back from their boat trip, we decided to take the kids on the Needles Highway. At the eye of the needle,

South Dakota 2009 091

we found this big bus trying to get through. I am sure he knew he could get through before he started, but one would have their doubts when standing there watching. Once he was through,

South Dakota 2009 096

to this we made our way through the tunnel and around the next corner, we were able to look back across beautiful view. Then we were off to make our way back to Custer State Park to drive the wildlife loop. Today we saw buffalo, deer, and prairie dogs…but the highlight today was the burro.

South Dakota 2009 109

They were all along side the road.

South Dakota 2009 134

Zachary and

South Dakota 2009 115

Caden had fun feeding them apples.

What a fun day we had…tonight we grilled chicken, make a campfire and just enjoyed the kids. Tomorrow, Greg, Kate, Zachary, and Caden will be driving back to Omaha, Nebraska to catch a flight back to Dallas.

We have really enjoyed having Caden with us on his first motor home trip. He had been a real joy and had been a great trooper to be just 2 years old. We have enjoyed Kate, Greg, and Zachary this weekend as well. Have a safe trip home and we will see you guys in a couple of weeks in Yellowstone.

Tomorrow will start a busy few days as we prepare to leave Custer on Wednesday and head west to Montana for more adventures. See you soon.


  1. Hi! How exciting to have run across your site. We RV all during the summer months, but do have a home in Fl. Next year we are going to travel out west then on to Alaska, then some of Wa. and OR. coast. I'm going to go back now and read some more of your posts. Oh, we are in NC. now working our way to VA. We'll be staying in the southeast for this summer. Stop by for a vist when you have the time.

    Safe Travels,

  2. Nice post Dortha.. Sounds like a wonderful time with the kids.
    I miss you and hope you will drop into chat one of these night.

  3. Sounds like a great time was had by all, especially those who attended. Safe Travels