Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fog Is Not Good

First, a happy July 4th to everyone!  I hope today’s celebration is great for everyone.  We are looking forward to a better day and celebration here in Custer.

Yesterday was the day we had waited for with excitement.  We had plans to go to the fireworks show at Mount Rushmore.  However, we woke up to a cloudy day that quickly turned

South Dakota 2009 010

to rain.  And, it rained most of the day.  But, then, it went away and I was thinking we were going to be good for the rest of the evening.

Greg, Kate, and Zachary arrived after their long trip from Dallas, to Omaha, to Custer.  We had a late lunch/early dinner prepared so that we didn’t have to fight the long lines at Mount Rushmore.  Once dinner was complete, we all dressed in our extra warm clothes as the evenings here can get very chilly.

Then it was time to go up to the office and wait on the tour bus to pick us up for the trip over to Hill City.

While we were waiting Caden introduced Zachary

South Dakota 2009 008

to Cocoa. 

He also showed Zachary the big 4 wheeler

South Dakota 2009 009

Larry uses to show people to their RV sites when they arrive.

At last our bus arrived, which turned out to be a two cars as the van had broken down.  Well, whatever gets us there.  It was some trip over and thank goodness we planned for the tour.  We started seeing people that had parked as far away as 4 miles.  And, yes, they had to hike up hill to the park.

Well, Byron, our bus driver, got us in the park, parked in the parking garage, and then we were off to

South Dakota 2009 014

to find our seats.  But, by this time, the sky was not looking very good.  We finally

South Dakota 2009 017

found our seats and decided to walk around for a little while.  Of course, Zachary wanted to see

South Dakota 2009 016

the reason we were here.  This was as close as we could get with something like 35,000 people in the park.  We will plan to make another trip back to Mount Rushmore tomorrow so Zachary can really see the park.

We were back to our seats when the sky got really overcast, the wind got cooler and the fog rolled in, which prompted us to pick up our chairs and move

South Dakota 2009 019

to the parking garage.  And, this is where we stayed until it was time for the fireworks.  They tried one firework and made the decision to go on with the show.  So, we moved our chairs back outside, but all we could see was a colored sky….no fireworks.  We could hear the bang, but we didn’t see anything.  How disappointed we were.

Then, went it was time to leave the park, those of us who thought we were so fortunate to get to park in the garage…well, we had to wait until all those people who had parked up and down the hillside leave and the rangers open the roads.  It was midnight when we got back to the RV park.

Needless to say, no one had a hard time going to sleep last night and we were all a little slow getting started today.

We are looking forward to another attempt at the fireworks as the town of Custer will be having a show tonight.  We also have a potluck dinner planned here at the RV park.

We are hoping to have a great day and wishing you one too!

  Happy Birthday America


  1. Another family adventure, they're all good!!!

  2. It rained here too so no fireworks. Maybe tonight.
    A local Baptist Church had a free concert so we decided to go see Karen Peck and New River. They were great and a lot of fun to hear.
    Hopefully the rain will stop there.