Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and after a leisure morning, we decided to head out for an adventure at the State Park.

We first stopped at Bentsen Palms to check out a couple of


bicycles.  Then, after checking at the bird park office for our wrist bands, which doubles as your entrance to the park, we were off.

Now, I am going to admit right up front that we are not birders, so my pictures may or may not have the right names.  So, if I am wrong about any of them, please feel free to correct me!

We saw


the Green Jays enjoying their morning orange juice.  And,

Winter at Retama 070

this Altamira Oriole who wanted his share of the orange, while the

Winter at Retama 077

Cardinal looked for seeds that had fallen to the ground.  But, the


Javelina wasn’t leaving too much for the birds.

We stopped by the


water’s edge for a short rest before

Winter at Retama 048

hitting the trail again.

Soon, we came upon another

Winter at Retama 107

blind.  We parked the bikes so we could see if there were any birds hanging out here.



in his official bird watching attire, was ready and taking aim.  We did see a lot of them here, but the funniest one was this

Winter at Retama 101

Oriole who was admiring himself in the water while getting ready to

Winter at Retama 100

take his bath!

Time to hit the road again.  As we were riding we found this

Winter at Retama 109

official benchmark that once


marked the US/Mexico border.

Then on our way out of the park, there were a


couple of woodpeckers and


a little fellow, I can’t call by name.

By this time we had logged about 12 miles on our bikes and decided it was time to head back to our park.  And, thank goodness for a good outing because this evening we joined a


a few friends at the clubhouse for a Valentine’s Day


dessert buffet.  We dipped everything from fruit to potato chips and pretzels in chocolate!

What a beautiful day this has been….and to each of our family and friends we wish you a

Winter at Retama 110

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S.  Spring must be in the air….this rose was right outside the park!


  1. The pics you shared of the birds were fabulous. The Oriole taking the bath was the best. Looks like a fun day for you both.

  2. You took beautiful bird photos! And did a great job identifying them. Enjoyed meeting you last night at the Valentines Party,that was a lot of fun!

  3. yeah...Like I would know if you got them wrong...Mark looks like a great white hunter in Africa! He is really into the bird thing there.