Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Three Hour Tour

Today, we were up by 6:30 as we needed to meet everyone by 8:30 at Mac and Lynette’s.  Today’s adventure would take us to South Padre Island’s

Winter at Retama 003

Pier 19.  Here


we boarded our

Winter at Retama 006

tour boat.  We headed out past the

Winter at Retama 028

Island KOA and the

Winter at Retama 032

Coast Guard Station.  As we continued out in the bay, we saw

Winter at Retama 046

shrimpers coming in.  We left

Winter at Retama 035

the island behind us and started looking for what we came to see….the

Winter at Retama 065

Bottlenose Dolphins.  They were having

Winter at Retama 077

fun playing in and around the boat.  We traveled on out past the

Winter at Retama 087

camping area at the State Park until we finally reached the mouth of the bay and the

Winter at Retama 089

gulf.  Here we turned around and headed back into the bay.  Soon, we spotted yet another

Winter at Retama 103

dolphin friend.  I think he was talking to

Winter at Retama 117

Mr. Pelican, who was flying right overhead.

On the way back we passed by the

Winter at Retama 141

Long Island Village.  All of these homes are built

Winter at Retama 142

with access to the water.  There are row after row of these sites.  Soon we were at the

Winter at Retama 158

Swing Bridge and the bridge operator

Winter at Retama 162

swung the gate open wide for us to go through.

Our next treat came when one of  deck hands

Winter at Retama 167

dropped this net out into the water.  A little while later, he hauled in

Winter at Retama 184

our catch.  We had

Winter at Retama 191

bait fish and

Winter at Retama 193

squid, and

Winter at Retama 197

I missed what this little guy was…because I was too interested in getting to

Winter at Retama 199

hold the Puffer.  And, I am not sure he liked being held because when we put in back in the tank he

Winter at Retama 201

decided to get really “puffy”!

All too soon, we found ourselves back dockside.  Now, included with the purchase of our tour tickets

Winter at Retama 203

was lunch.  The choice was

Winter at Retama 204

fish or

Winter at Retama 205

shrimp!  Both were delicious.

After lunch and needing to do a little walking, we decided to do a little shopping while on the island.  We also stopped back in Port Isabel to do a little more shopping.  When we were shopped out, we headed back the 90 miles to Mission.

It was a great 3 hour tour that turned out to be an all day adventure and one that won’t soon be forgotten.  As I close this entry…

Winter at Retama 207

my friend and I would like to say, we too hope you enjoyed our three hour tour and…

Winter at Retama 206


  1. oh now that looked like a good boat ride. Glad you guys are making so many memories together.

    Missing you
    Brenda Brown

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day trip. Your pics are great and thanks for sharing.
    (going back for 2nd look)

  3. This is too weird....we were going across the bridge just as you were leaving on your boat trip. How do I know this.....I saw the same shrimp boat! We enjoyed our day as well...loved the photos

  4. From the moment I read your title, and all the while reading through your blog... all I could hear in my head was the theme song to Gilligan's Island! Glad you guys didnt' get shiprwrecked!

  5. Looks like a nice tour to add to my list when we are in the South Padre area. Great photos and enjoyed the toured...Thank You!!!! Glad everyone had a great time and made it back safely.

  6. Oh yes, thanks for the three hour tour!! It looked like you all had a great time. I especially love the dolphins!!:)

    Another thing Mike and I can add to our "to do" list. Man is that list growing. Isn't it great!!!!