Sunday, February 28, 2010

The RGV Is A Wrap!

Wow, I can’t believe we have been here for two months.  I am not sure where the time has gone.  We have endured some cold days, some rainy days, and some really beautiful days.  But, when you are having fun the sun always shines.

We started this adventure off having fun and we certainly finished laughing and having fun!

On Friday, we decided to devote the day to just the girls.  And all girls know….

Winter at Retama 018

It is Mandatory to look fabulous and

Winter at Retama 009

fabulous we looked.  We gathered at the

Winter at Retama 002

Vintage Tea Room for

Winter at Retama 016

lunch.  Our lunch fare was chicken salad, tea, and lemon pie.  While several of us chose iced peach tea, a few chose hot tea.  Kathy

Winter at Retama 015

instructed on the proper way to enjoy a cup of tea.

We all had a good laugh as we tried on

Winter at Retama 006

hat after hat!

From the tea room, we headed to do a little shopping.  We found a discount clothing store that had only new merchandise from Macy’s.  Most of us found some great buys and were happy with our finds.  Then, we wanted to experience a true Ropa store.  These are found in large

Winter at Retama 030

warehouses.  This one was closing as we arrived, but

Winter at Retama 032

the one next door was open.

Now, this is not your normal department store.  Here the clothes are all used and are found in giant bundles.  You find what you are looking for by

Winter at Retama 036

getting right in middle of them.  When you find what you want,

Winter at Retama 038

bundle it up, pay for it by the pound, home you go!

Now, Arlene, just posed for this picture…let me assure you, she found NOTHING here she wanted to take home!  Not even

Winter at Retama 034

this bag from this high end department store.  Ashley, I almost picked this up for you!

We laughed all the way home!  What a great day with a great group of girls!

Yesterday, we stayed at Retama.  We did a few things here around the motor home to start our preparations for leaving the RGV.  However, in the afternoon, we put the chores aside and headed out with Niles and Sue, our next door neighbors, to enjoy an open house around our park.

For those that are not familiar with Retama.  This is an ownership park.  The RV sites all have these cute

Winter at Retama 003 little coach houses.  Yesterday, the owners had a tour of homes.  So, we headed out to enjoy the beautiful day and see just what each coach house had to offer.

Some were finished

Winter at Retama 008  very simple and usable.  This one was a great crafters room!  Some

Winter at Retama 006

had beach themes, while some were very

Winter at Retama 005

warm and homey feeling.  A great place to just relax.  Others had

Winter at Retama 016

full kitchens and

Winter at Retama 014

fold down beds.

But, no matter how they were furnished, it amazed me what the owners envisioned and how they finished a 12x20 building!

We enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and cold drinks by the pool before retiring back to our own RV’s for the evening.

Again, a great day with friends.

Today, we spent the day finishing those chores we put aside yesterday.  Now, with all of those behind us, tomorrow will take us from the RGV to our next destination…..The Last Resort in Rockport, TX.

  For now, we say good-bye to the RGV and to the ones that we are leaving behind.  Safe travels to you as you continue on with your plans and travels and we hope to see you all again real soon.

For all that are going with us to Rockport, I am sure that the fun will continue, just as soon as all are settled in.  We look forward to another month of….who knows….so come along with us!


  1. That was interesting reading on the dept. store. Never heard of one like that, but it sure looked like fun!

    Safe travels to you.

  2. Great blog, Dortha! Wish we could have stayed longer but we had a great time in San Antonio with family and we'll see you in Rockport!

    Debbie & Rod

  3. Sounds like great fun and looks like you ladies did it up right! The only problem was I wasn't there to join in on all the fun!!! Have a great day & travel safe!