Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Things Old…Some Things New…


Winter at Retama 014

Rod, Deb,

Winter at Retama 016

Kevin, and Arlene arrived in town, we have repeated a couple of great places.

First, we had to take them to experience a

Winter at Retama 009

Gonzales hamburger.  I think we have decided that we have had enough of a good thing!

Then, Mark and I took Rod and Deb to see the

Winter at Retama 027

hand drawn ferry.  Deb got her pictures and we watched the ferry go back and forth a couple of times.  It is amazing to think that in 2010, this is still how you get across the river.

Yesterday, we all decided that we would go to the Pharr Convention Center to

Winter at Retama 033

the Taste of The Valley.  Little did we know that when

Winter at Retama 029

arrived and were waiting on

Winter at Retama 031

the rest of the gang, that we would have

Winter at Retama 030

this long of a line in front of us! LOL…and there are that many people behind us.

Well, we finally got in and what a nightmare.  The

Winter at Retama 037

vendors were trying to keep up with the samples, but it wasn’t happening.  So, after a cup of fruit and a quick picture with

Winter at Retama 039

Mr. Blizzard, we headed out to find a real dinner.  The choice was Rudy’s Barbeque.

Today promised to be warm, so the plan was to pick up Rod and Deb and head to

Winter at Retama 048 the island.

On the way, we made stops at Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  So, of course, by the time we got to the island, we were hungry.  The first choice was

Winter at Retama 051

Dirty Al’s, but there were so many people there, we decided not to wait.  So, next choice was

Winter at Retama 052

Blackbeard’s.  Now, I am not sure what we missed at Dirty Al’s, but our Chef Salads here were great.  Deb and I had grilled shrimp and scallops on our salads while Mark and Rod chose grilled Mai Mai for their salads.

After lunch, we headed to

Winter at Retama 063

the beach.  We took a great walk on the beach and

Winter at Retama 068

sand dunes.  Some were pretty high as we looked

Winter at Retama 071

down where we parked the car.  I hope we make it back before the tide comes in.

Of course, there was the shopping at the Tee Shirt shops before taking the trip back across the

Winter at Retama 102

causeway leaving the island behind.

What a great day with friends.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to meeting a great new group of the friends, the Escapee’s Class of ‘07, and enjoying a boat trip on the Rio Grande.


  1. Holy Kamoly friends... you are our kind of people... FUN & FOOD!!! Hopefully we'll make it somewhere around you so we can hook up! Have a wonderful FUN day and travel safe!

  2. It would be greatly appreciated if the pictures of me you post were not side views. LOL


  3. What a wonderful time. Thanks for posting and letting us keep up with you. It's like tagging along, (but we're still in the cold). I don't know what it's like without heavy coats.