Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Of The Same…Fun That Is!

My last blog encouraged you to have fun and enjoy life, no matter your age…so in keeping with that theme, we have been doing our part.

Mike, the owner/developer of Retama Village, offered a tour of the area, so we decided to go along for the ride.  We boarded the safari style ATV along with 8 others and took off.  Mike took us

Winter at Retama 016 to the Butterfly Farm and

Winter at Retama 023  down a back road.

We went to

Winter at Retama 018

Smuggler’s Cove where he stores

Winter at Retama 019

some boats.  If you like, you can rent them for a ride

Winter at Retama 026

on the Rio Grande.  Or, he showed us a place you

Winter at Retama 020

have a picnic lunch.  Maybe we will come here on the next warm day.

Yesterday we had one of those “down-days” not a lot of pre-planned activity.  Mark and I checked out a new Wall-Mart store, watched a little football, and did a little house cleaning.  Last night we all gathered at Mac and Lynette’s


for baked potatoes and salad.  Now, you can’t let those “down days” get out of control….so, before the evening was over, we made plans to go to the Don*Wes Flea Market today.  So….as planned, we met at Mac and Lynette’s around 11:30 this morning and headed out for an adventure.

First stop was to pick up some new lawn chairs that Mac ordered.  Then, there was the stop at

Winter at Retama 033

popcorn stand…Lynette chose Caramel Apple…I just got plain Caramel, while Rod went for the Cajun Pork Rinds.

Next stop was through the fruits and

Winter at Retama 030

produce.  Here I decided to bring home a new variety of

Winter at Retama 133

grapefruit…it has been crossed with an orange.  I will let you know how they are.  The sample was pretty juicy!

Along the way, Mark and Rod

Winter at Retama 034

tried to talk us into these hats….but clearly the answer was “NO”!

So….time to cross the street

Winter at Retama 037

to the main market area…here we looked at

Winter at Retama 039

rugs and

Winter at Retama 032

cute puppy dogs.  And, of course all that walking and looking works up an appetite.  Deb decided on

Winter at Retama 042

mini donuts, while Mac looked for some ice cream, and Rod

Winter at Retama 044

stood in line waiting and waiting for this yummy

Winter at Retama 048

blooming onion.  We all shared…well, that is all but

Winter at Retama 050

Deb and she wants NO part of an onion…no matter how good it is!

We were then off to finish our shopping…Donna, Deb and I got music CD’s for the kids, while Lynette was off shopping for a new decorative window cling.

All finished at the Flea Market…but before heading home, we wanted to make one more stop at the Mexican Bakery.  Here we found some

Winter at Retama 130

great little pastries and some tamales.

Now back to the RV Parks, we are snuggled in for the night.  The weather has turned a little cool and there are rain showers in our forecast, but….I bet we don’t let that stop us too much.

But, for now, we are anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s arrival of Kevin and Arlene,, so the fun and adventures can continue!


  1. Ohh that looks like so much fun! That fresh fruit looks great, as do the pastries. I thought the hats looked kinda *dapper dandy*?

  2. Looks like you had fun at the flea market and had a lot of food choices. Nice pictures!