Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Are Blessed…

This morning started early.  I was up showered, dressed, and ready to leave for my weekly Weight Watchers meeting by 7:30.  With the holiday’s, some bad weather,  and travel time, today was the first meeting I have been to since Christmas.  I am glad to report that for a little over a year now,  I have maintained lifetime goal with Weight Watchers as well as my personal weight goal.

  The meeting was well attended and the leader was great.  I love going to meetings around the country.  You always learn something new, especially when there are folks from all over the country in the same meeting.   I am looking forward to being a part of this group for the next several weeks.

Once my meeting was over, I headed back by the RV  Park.  Mark was ready to go.  My next task for the day was to find the local Quest Diagnostics Center where I had to get some blood work done that couldn’t be done before we left Fort Worth.  Okay, that didn’t take long, and now we were free for the day.

We made stop at the Post Office, stopped off for a quick lunch and then headed back to the motor home where we waited on Mac and Lynette.

Once they arrived at our RV Park, Mac needed to stop off and see Mike McFall about one of his Pressure Pro sensors.  Mike replaced the sensor and we were soon on our way.   Sorry we missed Pat, but we will catch her another time.  Pat, hope your bridge game was good.

We headed West out 83 to the turn off forWinter at Retama 001  the ferry at Los Ebanos that goes across the Rio Grande to a little Mexican town.  We arrived in Los Ebano at the border crossing, paid our 50 cents and walked down to the river to watch the ferry.

Now, this ferry is unique in the fact that it is the

Winter at Retama 005

the last International Ferry that is hand-drawn.  This is a picture of the ferry going across from the US to Mexico.

And, once across, it loaded the two cars waiting

Winter at Retama 014

to cross into the US.  The three men at the front are using the ropes to pull the ferry across the river.

They do this all day back and forth and back again.  I asked them if it was hard work.  They responded and said “not too much”!

When their day is over, the three men

Winter at Retama 016

unload on the US side for the last time.  They then chain up the ferry, the Border Patrol inspects the ferry and dismisses the three.  They get into this little blue boat

Winter at Retama 012

travel back across the river to their home in Mexico.  When they arrive, they don’t tie up their boat until morning, they

Winter at Retama 019

load it on their wheel barrow and take it home with them.


Winter at Retama 008

watched from the river bank, while Mark

Winter at Retama 009

watched from up on the hillside.  Both amazed at the way these these men make a living.

We stopped in the little

Winter at Retama 027

shop to browse for local souvenirs.  Nothing we couldn’t live without.  Other than the shop and the

Winter at Retama 024

jail, Los Ebanos doesn’t have much to offer other than being the home

Winter at Retama 025

to the unique little ferry.

And, as we walked away, I realized that even in this little border town…it is a privilege and a blessing to live

Winter at Retama 020

our USA.

And, once again, what a great day shared with friends.


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss and reaching Lifetime status with WW. I, too, am a LT member and have been for 5 years. Traveling is a challenge to maintain weight loss, but not impossible. Hard work, though. I write another blog on Healthy Living as a fulltime RVer. I'm trying to make healthy living a priority....but those tempting treats out in the world do call me sometimes! LOL

    Enjoyed taking your trip to Mexico with you!

  2. Ahhh your visit to the ferry sure was an unusual place. I marked it in my *Interesting Places to See* file for future reference! Thanks!

  3. Congrats on maintaining your goal weight! So hard to do, I know. Take care, friend.