Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shopping at the Flea Market

After getting up really early for the last two mornings, today we decided to sleep in.  I think we were finally up by 8:00.  I guess that was sleeping in.

  After breakfast, showers, and a little computer time, we called Mac and Lynette to see if they wanted to go with us to the Don Wes Flea Market.  Maybe Donna and Nolan would want to go as well.

We made a plan and headed out about 11:00 to meet up at Mac and Lynette’s.  They were ready when we arrived, but Donna wasn’t feeling well today and decided she would stay at the RV Park.  Hope you are feeling better Donna.

The Flea Market is someplace we like to go and kick around and just be outside, and today was a beautiful day for being outside as we are still a day away from the cold front that is heading this way.

This was Mac and Lynette’s

045 first trip to the Market…hope they have fun.

The Market is located on Business 83 in Donna.  The vendors

046 set up every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to sell their wares.  Some have new items…some old and used items…and some have handmade items.

We munched on Kettle Corn while looking up and down every isle.


048   found some new bungee cords.

I found several things, like this

Winter at Retama 001

cute lid to fit on my Dr. Pepper can.  And, this

Winter at Retama 003

great little vegetable peeler.  Yes, Weldon, tell Sandy…I will get her one too!!

If you get tired of shopping, you can rest at


the pavilion and listen to live music.  Or…you can


enjoy some homemade ice cream that has been churned in this unique ice cream freezer.  We resisted, but maybe next time we will try some.

With all of our purchases, we headed across the street to the local produce market.  They are open everyday and have some really great


fruits and veggies to choose from.  Today, we got watermelon, squash, cabbage, and oranges.  I am sure we will be back many times to shop here.

After a full day, we stopped at Cheddar’s for a late lunch/early dinner before heading back to the RV Park to

054  sort out all of our purchases.

What a great day in the warm sun with friends.  Thanks Mac and Lynette for lunch and a fun day.  Can’t wait until next Wednesday.


  1. Wow, looks like fun at the flea market! Thanks for showing me your blog, Moppah. I will read the back posts tomorrow. Stay warm!