Monday, January 4, 2010

It’s A Skippidy Doo Da Day

Shine on me sunshine, walk with me Lord, I’m the happiest girl in the whole USA…it’s a skipidy do da day!

After our extended stay in Fort Worth, a great visit with family, and a wonderful holiday season, it is time for us to head out.  As Mark says…it’s time to slosh the diesel!  So, today starts our adventure for 2010.

So, wake up sleepy head…just one more minute…but no!  We were up by 5:30 and by 7:00 Mark had the jacks up and the slides pulled in.  He needed to pull out for  a 7:30 appointment at Cummins to take care of a recall on the motor home.  It was something about a blow-by adjustment.  All checked out good and no adjustment was needed.  From there he was off to get the yearly inspection done.  While he was off taking care of motor home business, I took care of a few errands of my own.  We finished at about the same time and decided that before we hooked up the jeep, we would go for a late breakfast.  And, a yummy one it was, eggs and ham, biscuits and gravy.  That should carry us through for most of the day.

While enjoying breakfast, we talked and finalized our day’s travel plan.  We decided that we were getting away early enough to drive to the Southside of San Antonio.  We will plan to spend the night at Brauning Lake RV Park.  This is a Passport America park and an easy on and off.  It will also put us on the other side of San Antonio and out of the rush hour traffic come in the morning.  Tomorrow should be an easy drive on to Retama Village in Mission, Texas.

We have rented a site from Jack and Danielle Mayer for January and February.  We are looking forward to warmer days and lots of fun adventures with friends.

For now it sounds like we are set for the day.  I have a great driver, God is our co-pilot, and I am enjoying the ride.  The sunshine is beautiful and I am having a a skippidy doo da day.

So, I gotta go…wishing you a great day too!


  1. Have fun and stay safe. We sure wish we could be with you.

  2. I'll be interested to hear how you like the area.

  3. No need to rush down here. The weater has been crazy cool. And more rain then they have seen in years!! High tomorrow - Tuesday - should be 60 with partly cloudy skies. Rain is predicted for Wed and Thursday. Might freeze Friday night. Low is predicted to be 30 for Friday night. 35 for Thursday night. But when you get settled in give me a call and I would love to meet you. We are just down the road from your park. You are my blogg hero.
    Thanks, Nell Dahl 817-925-3355.

  4. Glad to hear the Cummins recall turned out okay. We got back to base today and was able to open our box of those wonderful goodies you and Karen fixed for the holidays. Thanks so much. Wish we could be there but somebody has to stay up here in the cold to report how cold and miserable we are. Enjoy your stay in the Valley

  5. Have a great trip.

    Stay Safe

  6. I can certainly tell you are a "happy camper." You all have a wonderful trip and continue to have a skippidy Doo Da Day!!

    By the way, you all have a great co-pilot!!

    Have fun!

  7. Jealous!

    Jeremy Kinder