Monday, January 25, 2010

A Surprise and A Treat

Yesterday, we woke to a windy, but beautiful Sunday.  After church, we stopped by the WalMart store to get several items we needed.  Then, back to the RV Park where Mark settled in for the first of two football games.  Later, we will be going to Mac and Lynette’s for dinner.

Soon, later came, and it was time for me to get my salad put together.  With that done, we headed out to 7 Oaks.

As, we drove into the RV Park, much to my astonishment, I saw this guy walking down the street.  And, as it registered from one side of my brain to the other, I looked at Mark and said….that guy looks just like Rod.  By this time Mark had parked at Mac’s and I was out of the car….it was Rod!

Now, we have been totally harassing Rod and Deb for about a month now, that they could come here to see us on their way to San Antonio.  And, come to find out, they have been giving us every excuse known to man, why they couldn’t come here….and all the time they were planning on surprising us….and

Winter at Retama 003

surprising us they did.

And, we were also nicely surprised to find out they are going to stay two weeks with us before going to San Antonio!  We are so glad you guys are here!

In addition to the surprise, we also had a treat.  I know you have heard all of us say that the nice thing about this lifestyle is all the nice folks you get to meet along the way.

  And, once again, we were able to meet yet another of our RV Dreams chat-room family….

Winter at Retama 007

Gale and Anna.

We learned the other night that they were coming to the RGV for awhile.  Lynette and I quickly invited them to join us for dinner last night.  What a nice treat to get to add one more set of faces with names that you have known for so long!

So, along with Chuck, Kathy, Nolan and Donna, our surprise visitors and our new friends we all gathered in Mac and Lynette’s kitchen for a great dinner of

Winter at Retama 001

fajitas and

Winter at Retama 002

roasted stuffed peppers.

After dinner, we enjoyed lots of laughs and oh my….all the plan making that was going on.  So, you will have to stayed tuned to see just how all that turns out.  I am sure there will be a new adventure every day.

What a great day of surprises and treats!


  1. Wow what a fun bunch of folks all in one place!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Can't wait to see pics....have fun!

  3. Please give everyone big hugs from us, and enjoy your time together!

    We'll catch up with y'all somewhere down the road!