Friday, January 15, 2010

More Fun…More Friends…

We were up and ready to go at 8:45 when Mac, Lynette, Nolan and Donna got to the RV Park.  We all loaded in Mac’s truck and headed East to the

Winter at Retama 009

Rio Grande Valley RV Show.  Mark, Mac, and Nolan were anxious to get there.  We saw lots of trailers and 5th Wheels there…some

Winter at Retama 011

were big and elegant and had

Winter at Retama 012

built in hair dryers as Donna found in this bathroom cabinet.  Others had

Winter at Retama 020

big windows with a great view.  While others

Winter at Retama 027

were small and cozy and just right for a weekend get away.

There were only a couple of

Winter at Retama 019

motor homes, but…I wasn’t interested…I still like mine!

And, in addition to the motor homes and trailers, there were lots of

Winter at Retama 013

park models.  These are small homes that will fit in many of the RV parks in this area.  They are really nice for those folks that don’t want to own a RV.  They

Winter at Retama 015

are quite roomy inside…some even have

Winter at Retama 016

an upstairs sleeping loft.

There were also

Winter at Retama 022

boats and

Winter at Retama 028

ATV’s for two and/or

Winter at Retama 036

four.  Man, would our grandson, Andrew, really like this one!

Then, there were all the vendors who offered everything from something to eat and drink, to those who offered

Winter at Retama 039

a prize for spinning the wheel.

Soon, we needed a

Winter at Retama 040

break and to regroup before heading to

Winter at Retama 042

Arturo’s for lunch.  When we arrived we found

Winter at Retama 046

our table was all set.  All we needed now was

Winter at Retama 047

12 more friends and we were ready for a party.  It was great to see

Winter at Retama 052

Jesse and Ginger and

Winter at Retama 056

Kathy and Chuck…with Nolan in between.  Kathy is really busy telling Donna a great story.

Winter at Retama 048

Ed and Marilyn were really concentrating on Chuck’s story at the other end of the table.

And, we were able to re-acquaint ourselves with

Winter at Retama 053

Roger and Barb who are experimenting with full-timing.  Good luck you guys.

After a good lunch and lots of visiting and laughing and catching up, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways for today.  I am sure this crowd will get together again real soon.

A couple of stops at some local flea markets took up the rest of our afternoon, and then it was time to get back to our own homes which brought this adventure to a close.


  1. Looks like it was a great show! Glad all of you guys were able to get together and share such a fun day. The lunch looked like a lot of fun. Wish we were there!!

    Have fun!!

  2. Hi Dortha...give all those guys hugs from us (and you,too)! Save us a seat...we'll be there sometime...after Red Bay!!! LOL