Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Burger!

Today’s adventure took us to lunch at

Winter at Retama 011

Gonzales Burgers.  Mac and Lynette had already been here, and after hearing them talk about it, Mark has just been biding his time to go try the burgers for himself.  Well, today was the day.

They open at 10:45 and are open until 2:00 or until the meat runs out.  They grind the meat fresh every day.  Therefore, they only have a limited amount each day.  We understood that we would need to arrive early…okay…let’s see…we are 23 miles away so, that meant we needed to be headed that way by 10:30 to arrive by around 11:00.

When we arrived, Chuck and Kathy were there and saving us a table.  It seemed that we arrived just before the crowd, but by the time we got inside, to the table, and figured out what we wanted to order, the line was almost out the front door.

Once our order was placed, we waited about 20 minutes for our name to be called…and this is the

Winter at Retama 004 hamburger and onion rings we shared.  In fact, I only ate half of a half.  What A Burger!

The line of customers continued to be out the door for most of the time we were there.  It was crazy….I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it.  And when we left

Winter at Retama 007

the cook was still grilling meat and

Winter at Retama 008

the assembly line was just trying to keep up with the orders (all those little blue post-it notes)!

So, if you are ever at the corner of

Winter at Retama 001

14th and Silver in Donna, Texas, be sure to plan on a stop at Gonzales Burgers!


  1. Would it be a lot of trouble to overnight me one of those?...LOL...Miss you both ...Hugs

  2. Whoa... I picked the right time to come visit... I am finally able to sit at the computer to visit all my bloggin buddies and now I must say I am hungry for a BIG fat hamburger... Hopefully I will get there one day. If the doctor releases me on Thursday we'll be heading out on Sunday the 31st. Heading towards Dallas and San Antonio... Have fun & travel safe!

  3. I have been following your blogg for a while and would love to meet you. We are camped at Chimney Park, next to the Riverside Cafe. You mentioned that you would be returning to Riverside in a couple of weeks. When you do, give me a call and we will buy you a glass of tea. Have you toured the Aloe Vera Farm in Mercedes? We did yesterday. Good tour. If you need info on it, let me know.
    Would love to meet you two.
    Nell, Jack and Blondie
    817 (do you recognize the area code?) 925-3355.