Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life Is Good

Yesterday we met up with the gang.  We had just enough time to do a little shopping and have lunch before we had to head back to Retama to meet the RV Serviceman.

We had noticed that the propane hot water was not working.  We had this problem once before and the valve was bad.  Sounds like that might be the problem again.  The service tech was right on time and confirmed that there was no gas flow.  However, he did not have a valve and would have to order one.  He will have to come back next week to replace it.

We had a problem with the gas line when we first got the motor home and Mark is going to have the serviceman check that out when he returns.  Hopefully, it is just the valve.  In the meantime, we will just use the electric hot water.

Other than a walk in the warm afternoon sun, that is about the story for yesterday.

This morning we were up early and Mark headed out for his walk while I was busy getting ready for an appointment at the hair salon.  Wow….it is so nice to go get my hair done….makes me feel like a new person. LOL

After the salon, I made a stop for a few items at Wal Mart before heading home.

Once I was back to the motor home, Mark was almost finished with his lunch, so I made myself a sandwich. I grabbed my book and headed outside to sit in the lounger to soak up a little Vitiman D.  And, that is where I stayed until time to put the chicken in the oven.

Tonight we had

Winter at Retama 011

a little community get together

Winter at Retama 009

at the home of the Pike’s.  Thanks guys for being a great host.  Once we had our food, we moved

Winter at Retama 012

across the street to the vacant lot…in fact we took up

Winter at Retama 014

two lots.  This is a great little community and everyone has been very friendly.  We stayed and visited until

Winter at Retama 015

it was time to light the fire and by then the mosquitoes were out and the air was too chilly for me.

What a fun evening….this is just one of the things that make this lifestyle so much fun….yes, Life Is Good!


  1. Looks like a fun bunch for a social gathering. When you talk of chilling off and mosquitos, you sure make us snow-bound northerners ENVIOUS!

  2. No mosquito's up here come on up, but it does chill off a little at night too.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place and fun group.

    (enjoying your blog)