Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Turned Off The Sun?

We woke this morning to 53 degrees.  With the knowledge that the cold weather that most of you have already experienced was going to be here soon, we decided to head out for a couple of errands and some groceries.

As we drove down the street here at the park,

Winter at Retama 002

these guys too, were trying to finish working before the rain and cold arrived.

We made our way on to town with the first stop being

Winter at Retama 004

at one of my favorite stores.  I had a little Christmas money I want to try to spend.  But, after a little browsing around, I decided to wait until they restocked from the holidays.

Then, it was on for a quick stop at Bed Bath and Beyond where I needed to purchase a new broom and mop.

I must have taken too long making up my mind because by the time I got back to check out and started out the door…

Winter at Retama 005

the weather had certainly taken a turn for the worse.

Oh, well, guess, we won’t let a little rain and cold get the best of us.  We then headed west to one of

Winter at Retama 008

Mark’s favorite stores.  He was shopping for a couple of new water hoses, but didn’t find what he was looking for.  But, I did get myself a new little step stool.  I had one, but Caden thought he needed it more than Moppa. LOL

From Camping World we made a stop at Wendy’s for bowl of chili before tackling HEB for groceries.  And, oh, my…I think everyone in South Texas was at HEB.  They needed crowd control in the produce section and the isles needed one-way signs with stop lights at the end.  I was never so glad to get of any store.  I just hoped I had gotten every thing I needed.

By this time the rain had stopped, but the temperatures were getting colder.  We were glad to be back to the motor home and settled in for the rest of the night.

While I put away groceries, Mark filled the fresh water tank and will disconnect the water as we are anticipating freezing temps tonight.

We snuggled in and enjoyed

Winter at Retama 012

homemade pizza for dinner while waiting for the Texas – Alabama football game to start.

Tomorrow’s temperatures will not be out of the 30’s, so maybe I will spend the day

Winter at Retama 003

in the clubhouse at the weight room and library.  I will be glad when this cold weather is out to sea!


  1. Good morning Mark and Dortha....I've been by your place a couple of times and I keep missing you. I'll make it over as soon as the weather warms up. :-) Hopefully the "welcoming" committee has been by to see you.
    Dortha, there are some "sign up" sheets for different activities at the Club House. You might want to check them out when you're up there today.
    See you soon.
    Welcome and Hugs......Pat

  2. Looks really nice there. We are holding our own here in the 19 degree weather. Wish we could head south but then it has never been that easy for us...HE HE Love you guys and wish the best for you.

  3. Dortha, Email me:
    I would like to get your phone number so I can call you.

  4. Very nice!! Looks like a great place to spent some quality time.
    Have tons of fun!

  5. You should have come over here to Arizona, we seem to be one of the only warm places in the country. Stay warm.