Friday, February 12, 2010

A Week Gone By…

It has been almost a week since my last post, but not much happening to write about…

On Monday, we stopped by the tell Rod and Deb to travel safe to San Antonio and that we would see them in Rockport in March!

After hugs…

We gathered Kevin, Arlene, Nolan, Donna, Mac and Lynette and headed to

Winter at Retama 006

South Padre Island.

As usual, first stop was for lunch.  We wanted to try

Winter at Retama 008

Dirty Al’s.  This time it was not too crowded, and we were seated quickly.  Lunch was great.  I had a combo basket that included


a couple of these giant shrimp. (Thanks Lynette for the picture).

From lunch we made our way to the convention center for the monthly market days.  Lynette and Arlene shopped for more Pandora charms while Donna and I couldn’t resist

Winter at Retama 001

this new food chopper and all the extras that chop, slice, dice, and juice.

When all were shopped out, we decided to check out the beach.  We arrived close to high tide time and there wasn’t much room to drive on the beach.  We found a place to stop at least for a few pictures…

There were the

Winter at Retama 036

waves and

Winter at Retama 030

the gang…and of course, I can’t come to a beach without

Winter at Retama 028

putting my feet in the water.

From the beach, we headed back across the causeway to Port Isabel where Lynette and I did a little more shopping.  We found this cute little store where all

Winter at Retama 076

these wooden birds were hanging out.  I found a couple of items here, but Lynette came out empty handed.

Next stop was at this

Winter at Retama 077

souvenir store.  They had anything and everything that any beach tourist could want or not want!

I found a couple of great things for the grandkid’s Valentine Bags.  By this time it was getting time to make the trip back to Mission.  And that was the

Winter at Retama 083

close of another great day with friends.

Tuesday and Wednesday were down days for laundry, cleaning and haircuts.  Yesterday, the rain arrived and kept us all inside.

So, by this  morning, we were all ready to be out and about.  We gathered at Arlene’s and all seven of us climbed into Mac’s truck and headed out for lunch and shopping.

Now, back at home, we are settled in for the evening to watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

  However, we didn’t part ways before making plans to meet at Mac and Lynette’s tomorrow afternoon for grilling and visiting.

And, that is a wrap on this week in the RGV.

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  1. Hi Moppah I have never been a jealous person but seeing all of you guys having so much fun together is bringing out the green eyed monster lol.

    Missing you guys