Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Super Weekend

On Super Saturday we all gathered

Winter at Retama 001

at the Riverside Grill and boarded

Winter at Retama 003

our cruise ship for a 2 hour cruise up the

Winter at Retama 028

Rio Grande River.  We cruised past the

Winter at Retama 011

Chimney Rock RV Park on the US side of the river and we saw

Winter at Retama 073

recreational facilities on the Mexico side of the river.

All along the river we were reminded of the awesome job of the Border Patrol.  We saw

Winter at Retama 020


Winter at Retama 053

boats, and

Winter at Retama 179

land patrol.  The boat driver pointed out

Winter at Retama 056

places along the river where it is obvious that the illegal's enter the river.

While the Border Patrol stays busy doing their job…Winter at Retama 030

we found these guys swimming in the river.  However, they don’t seem to be bothered about which side of the river they are on. LOL

We also saw

Winter at Retama 102

this pretty restaurant on the Mexico side of the river.  Sorry, we couldn’t stop, but not everyone on the cruise had their passports.  But, soon, we were back

Winter at Retama 119

to our restaurant and it was lunchtime!  We also had the pleasure of sharing

Winter at Retama 002

Arlene’s birthday with her.  So,

Winter at Retama 123

Happy Birthday, Arlene.  Later in the evening,

Winter at Retama 142

we gathered at Kevin and Arlene’s for

Winter at Retama 138

birthday cake, and continued our visiting until time for all to go home.

Super Sunday…

Today, everyone planned to go out to the Don Wes Flea Market.  Well, everyone, but us and Rod and Deb…and the four of us rented

Winter at Retama 191

this ATV and were off for an adventure.  We traveled

Winter at Retama 152

on the levee road…and

Winter at Retama 147

on the back road…and

Winter at Retama 173

on the jungle road.

We saw a coyote, that was too fast for the camera and

Winter at Retama 165

this hawk who was looking for dinner.

We traveled on to a big field were we took

Winter at Retama 174

a much needed break.


Winter at Retama 175

our driver said, it was time to get back….because soon

Winter at Retama 192

our guests would be arriving and they would be ready to eat!  And, that also meant it would be time for a

Winter at Retama 193

a little football!  And, we all know how that

Winter at Retama 195

turned out….some where happy and

Winter at Retama 194

some were a little disappointed!

But what a great game it was and congratulations to the Saints!!

As we ended this super weekend, we are all disappointed to have to say good-bye to Rod and Deb.  They will be traveling tomorrow up to San Antonio to visit with their son for a few weeks.  But, we look forward to their return in March to Rockport.

Travel safe and see you soon!

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  1. Great pictures and definitely looks as if everyone had a great time! Have fun & travel safe...