Friday, March 5, 2010

Rockport….Fort Worth….Rockport

I need to do a little catching up here…

On Monday, we left Mission heading to our new destination, The Last Resort, in Rockport, Texas.

We had arranged to stop at the Freightliner in Edinburg to have a simple recall taken care of, but upon arrival, there was a small glitch!  They had issued our part to a different motor home.  Okay…no problem, we will just take care of it either in Corpus or San Antonio.  And, since we needed an early start to our day, it really wasn’t a problem.

  So, it was

Rockport 2010 004

on through the border inspection station,

Rockport 2010 006

the exit to 181, and

Rockport 2010 010

across the bridge.  Soon, we arrived at the Last Resort.   We were welcomed by Molly and Bob, who arrived ahead of all of us.

Once we were parked and the motor home set up, it was time for us to leave for the airport.  Last week, we lost a close friend and the trip to Fort Worth was to attend his funeral on Tuesday.  Ashley, we love you and your family…it was a privilege to know your dad!

Once in Fort Worth, we had a great time visiting with family and catching up with them.  We also had the opportunity to take care of a little business, haircuts, shopping, etc.

Then there was a glitch in the system!  While staying at our son’s house, I was coming down from the upstairs when…OOPS, I missed the last step.  At that point, I found myself trying to recover my balance…all at the same time, I seemed to be picking up speed.  Well….by the time I finally fell, it was a brick column that stopped me.  And, let me just say…brick walls don’t move!

  After, several hours of…I’ll be okay…we ended up at 4 am in the ER to find out that I had a break in the outer third of of my collarbone.  OH, GREAT!  Well, according to the ER doctor, they don’t typically do anything for these types of fractures or breaks.  However, because mine is on the outer edge close to the ligaments that attach the clavicle to the shoulder, they felt it would be best to confer with a orthopedic surgeon.  NO PROBLEM….so first thing Thursday morning, I called my orthopedic and was able to go right in.  And, after looking at my X-Rays and consulting with him, he decided not, yes, NOT do anything at this point.  He wants to see how it is going to heal on it’s own and will X-Ray again in a month.  So, I have to wear a sling for a week and then I can start using and exercising my arm.  I am hoping all goes well and that there will be no surgery in my future.

At this point, We asked Dr. Hunnicutt if it would okay for me to go back to Rockport.  He absolutely agreed that would be the very best thing for me to do.  So, we rescheduled our afternoon flight, picked up our things at Scott’s and headed to the airport.  Well, the pilot must have known we were in a hurry to get back to the fun in Rockport because our hour flight only took us 42 minutes.  LOL

We were welcomed back to Rockport by not only the beautiful sunshine, but by all our friends that had joined us here for the month.  Thank you all for

Rockport 2010 016 

beautiful flowers and get well wishes!

After pain meds and a good nights sleep…Today was a much better day.

We had a slow leisure morning, lunch with everyone at the Big Fisherman…well everyone except for Rod and Deb….they were getting shades installed on their rig.  But, I am sure there will be many more trips to the Big Fisherman!  After lunch, we made a trip to the Chamber of Commerce.  Then, it was back to the RV Park and a visit with Rod and Deb.  Their new shades look great!

Tomorrow, we plan to attend the Oyster Fest on Fulton Beach.

And, with all of this….we are back on track and Life Is Good!


  1. Dortha,
    I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I am so glad the doctor is allowing things time to heal and we will pray that it does just that. Take care of yourself.

    Glad you had a safe trip back and hope you continue to have a great time with your friends (I know you will). Hopefully one day we can join you all. :)


  2. I don't know how to change this on the original message I sent to you but it shouldn't say "Stephen" it should say "happytrails." Somehow google had my son's account highlighted and I didn't even notice. This was from way back when he used to live with us....go figure. Sorry about the mix up.


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  4. Dear Dortha, all I can say it could have been worse, like that helps.
    Guess Mark will just have to wait on you like the princess you are.

  5. Ouchie Ouchie... I am glad your doctor said you could go back to Rockport. What a great prescription for healing!

    Karen and Steve

  6. You take it easy and no mixing up those big meals till your injury is better LOL!

    Glad you're in Rockport again and having fun with the rv-dreamers!

  7. Did you notice how differant it is to fall now than when you were 20years old, couple years ago I took a header in a parking lot and then went two days before I decided to have it checked, yep, broken hand. Hope you recover real quick, Sam & Donna.

  8. Oh, ouch, girlfriend! I hope Mark is taking great care of you, as I'm sure he is. So sorry about your fall, heal quickly!


  9. Hey girl! Sorry to hear about your fall. You take care. Miss you...Big HUGS! Sherri

  10. Dortha -
    Sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you get better soon and the meds help until you get back to feeling 100%.