Friday, March 26, 2010

Flea Market Friday,Food, and Friends

Today started off on a sad note, as we had to say an early good-bye to

Rockport 2010 021

Nolan and Donna.  They had to head home to Missouri after receiving a phone call that Donna’s mom had been taken to the hospital.   We all wished them safe travels and made Donna promise to keep us posted about her mom.

We left them to finish their packing and we all packed up ourselves and headed

Rockport 2010 022

into Corpus to the weekend

Rockport 2010 026

market days.  The only treasures that anyone took home today were purchased from the

Rockport 2010 031

magnetic jewelry vendor.  I am surprised that everyone wasn’t stuck together with all the magnets that were purchased here. LOL

From the market, we headed where else, but to lunch.  And, today’s choice was

Rockport 2010 032

Rudy’s.  This is everyone’s choice for

Rockport 2010 034

barbeque.  And, when finished with your meal, everyone heads to the

Rockport 2010 035

hand washing station.

Then, there are a few that in addition to washing their hands also need

Rockport 2010 036

the assistance of the Tide Stick.  Here Donna is making sure that Donnie gets the spot right out of his shirt.

From here, we all parted ways for different errands and side trips.  Donnie and Karen headed for the National Seashore, while others needed a trip to Best Buy, Verizon, Office Depot, etc.

Mark, and I headed back to Rockport with Rod and Deb.  They needed to take care of finalizing an appointment with Camper Clinic to have some work done on their 5th wheel.  Then it was off to Ron Hoover’s to look for a part for their screen door that doesn’t seem to exist.

Once all the business was taken care of, the four of us decided to head out toward Goose Island where the Whoppers hang out.  However, today, they were too far out to photograph, but we did get some good pictures of the

Rockport 2010 051

blue bonnets.  Yes, Spring is in the air.

On the way back to town, we passed by the

Rockport 2010 044

Fulton Mansion and also saw a few

Rockport 2010 040 pelicans.

Once we were back to the RV Park, we enjoyed just sitting around and visiting and enjoying what was left of the afternoon sunshine.  Soon, Keith, Donna, Bob and Molly decided they would go to see if they could catch up with the Whoppers.  Then, Rod, Deb, Mark and I decided the only thing we were going to catch up with was some pizza at Panjos.

And, after a great day with friends, the only thing left for this Friday evening was

Rockport 2010 017

a beautiful sunset over the bay!


  1. Hello from the two of us. Enjoy reading about you adventures.

  2. Sounds like a full and fun packed day with good friends.

    I like the pictures but especially like the sunset.....very peaceful.

    Have fun,
    Mike and Gerri (