Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Yesterday, we finished up the week with a day trip that started with

Rockport 2010 001

Rod treating us to donuts.  Gosh, I can’t tell you the last time I had a donut, but, it didn’t take me long to choose my favorite…

Rockport 2010 004

an iced cake blueberry.

With donuts to go, we headed to the

Rockport 2010 008

ferry where we had about a 30 minute wait to go over to Port A.


Rockport 2010 011

we crossed over the bay, it was non-stop to the

Rockport 2010 013

Padre Island National Seashore.  Again today, Deb and I were headed to the

Rockport 2010 018

visitor center to add another

Rockport 2010 020

stamp to our

Rockport 2010 019

park passport books.  We are getting quite a collection.

Today, in addition to getting our stamps, we also decided it would be fun to adopt

Rockport 2010 022

a sea turtle.

Then, it was off to take a drive on the

Rockport 2010 027

beach.  We drove about 5 miles before turning around.  Not much to see today, other than

Rockport 2010 029

this boy scout camp and few

Rockport 2010 028

lone birds.

Once we were back to civilization, we decided our donut calories had been used up, so we headed to

Rockport 2010 038

Whataburger by the Bay.  This Whataburger is no different than any other, but, we think it is always a treat to eat here.  Corpus Christi is the home of the original Whataburger and is located right across Shoreline from the beach.

After lunch, we made our way to Freightliner to make sure they were going to be able to get us in when we leave here is a couple of weeks.  Then, it was on to Sam’s for a few items we thought we couldn’t live without.

We finished up with our day and headed back to Rockport.  All the others had gone to the Wildlife Refuge today and they too had returned to the RV Park.

Once, we were all settled in, we decided to head up to the clubhouse for game of

Rockport 2010 040  Mexican Train….orRockport 2010 041 Chicken Foot…depending on which group you were playing with.

Finally around 10:30 we had had enough and decided to call it a night….but only with the promise that the game would be continued……..


  1. I can't even tell you how excited I was to adopt a sea turtle. Highlight of MY day!!


  2. Wow what a very cool day... Donuts, Passport Stamps (that excites me too), Adopting turtles, a WHAT-A-BURGER, beaches and dominos... Sounds perfect to me! Have fun & travel safe

  3. I always learn something reading your blog...didn't know that Whataburger (yum) started in Corpus Christi and a new name for Mexican train :)

  4. Adopting a sea turtle sounds very cool!