Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Great Spring Break

As life here at

Spring Break 2010 098

The Last Resort continues, we are all staying busy.


Spring Break 2010 101

stays busy with her knitting, other are passing around

Spring Break 2010 100

boxes of donuts for snacks.

Karen kept a close watch

Spring Break 2010 089

as Cathy and Doug made custom fit RV sunshades for their motor home.

Kevin stayed busy

Spring Break 2010 086

cleaning the seals and the top of the slides.

And, as all were enjoying the beautiful days, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the kids and grandkids.  Karen, Kenneth, Kourtney, Scott, Jennifer, Andrew, Lauren, and Caden would soon arrive to spend a few days with us for Spring Break. 

Greg, Kate, and Zachary are spending their vacation  time in Arizona at the Grand Canyon and then on to Tempe to watch a little baseball Spring Training.

On Saturday, all arrived and they quickly settled

Spring Break 2010 191

in at the house located in the middle of the RV Park.  This house is owned by friends of Karen’s and is not a house they rent, but rather keep for when they have family in town.  Thanks Troy and LeAnn for letting us use the house this week.

Well, once the cars were unpacked, it was time to

Spring Break 2010 105

head to the beach.  Today, we just went to Fulton Beach, which is the beach on the bay.  Kourtney and Caden didn’t care….they just wanted to go to the beach!

They had

Spring Break 2010 131

lots of fun running and playing in the water.   This area is great fun for the little ones since the water is onlySpring Break 2010 141

ankle deep for a big portion of the beach.

Spring Break 2010 164

Kourtney Spring Break 2010 186

Jennifer and Caden were finding treasures while

Spring Break 2010 112

Kenneth decided to see just how far could you go.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the RV Park as it wouldn’t be long before everyone was arriving for dinner.  Now, that would be LeAnn, her family and Michelle and her family.  (Karen, LeAnn and Michelle were college roommates at A&M).

What a pleasure and a privilege Mark and I have enjoyed to have kept in contact with these girls and their families over the years.

And, now….all of our kid’s…kids are getting to know each other.  They

Spring Break 2010 194

had a great time playing together while the dads were grilling hamburgers and hotdogs.

The newest addition to the group is

Spring Break 2010 211

Paige, who belongs to Michelle and Rob and was being entertained by our Jennifer who is a baby magnet!

What a great evening!

Today, we were up dressed and before I knew it…we were heading out once again to the beach.  But, this time we took

Spring Break 2010 357

the ferry over to Port A.  And, there, is were

Spring Break 2010 263

Kourtney and Caden were introduced to their first trip to the Texas Gulf beach.  They

Spring Break 2010 237

dug in the sand and

Spring Break 2010 309

filled their buckets with water while Andrew and Lauren

Spring Break 2010 277

were a little more aggressive with their fun!

After the water fight, everyone decided that they should

Spring Break 2010 322

fill their buckets with sand….and…

Spring Break 2010 319

start to cover Lauren…and bucket after bucket of sand and soon

Spring Break 2010 338

the job was done! LOL

By this time all were

Spring Break 2010 352

tired.  It was definitely time to clean up and head to the

Spring Break 2010 363

ferry and straight for The Big Fisherman with some big appetite's from all the play at the beach.  And, again….what a great day!

And, oh, how we are enjoying Spring Break with family!  And…I am sure there is another great adventure planned for tomorrow!


  1. Good to see the family again! What fun they all must have had at the beach. We know you and Mark enjoyed their visit.

  2. Your "kids" are lovely Dortha!!! We're so glad we got to meet them!!

  3. Those photos are just PRICELESS!!! what a great beach vacation memory for the kids... thanks for sharing!

    Karen and Steve