Sunday, March 28, 2010

What A Boil…

We have planned and waited all month for today when Bob would get out his special

Rockport 2010 017

recipe for a boil.

We all gathered

Rockport 2010 001

at Molly and Bob’s house with our drinks and

Rockport 2010 004



Rockport 2010 003

was all set up are ready to start.


Rockport 2010 006

with a layer of potatoes and carrots we got started.  Next came a

Rockport 2010 016

layer of chicken wings.  Bob says this is where all the flavor comes from!  While the chicken was cooking, several were

Rockport 2010 010

busy shucking

Rockport 2010 012

the corn.  This would be the next thing to go into the pot.

In between every layer Bob added salt, pepper, and

Rockport 2010 018

Old Bay.

The only thing left to add was the

Rockport 2010 027

shrimp and the

Rockport 2010 022

Stone Crab.  Now, with everything in the pot, it was just a matter

Rockport 2010 026

of time until…

Rockport 2010 031

Bob would arrive at the clubhouse where the

Rockport 2010 034

table was being prepared for

Rockport 2010 047


It didn’t take long for everyone to get right

Rockport 2010 048

down to the business of eating.  And, eating we did.  It was all soooooo good.

And, if the big boil wasn’t enough, there was

Rockport 2010 050

Hummingbird Cake,

Rockport 2010 033

strawberries and pecan pie.

And, when all was said and done….this was

Rockport 2010 049

all that was left of Bob’s hard work!

After a short break, we all headed back to the clubhouse for

Rockport 2010 056

the nightly guys vs. girls Hand and Foot challenge.  Tonight these girls came out winners, but overall the guys are still ahead.  But, we aren’t giving up yet!

And, this bring us to the end of yet another day filled with sunshine, laughs, and friends.  Oh, yes…don’t forget the food!


  1. What a great day! Terrific pictures and food to match! Nice way to spend the day!

  2. Oh, Dortha that all looks so good--glad you guys are still having so much fun!

  3. Oh that food looked soooooo good.
    What a great day!

    Have fun (like I need to say that, LOL)

    Mike and Gerri(

  4. Good Morning Happy Campers.... You know you are all my kind of people and I can't understand why I am not there with you all... GOOD FOOD, FREINDS, FUN with Hand & Foot too... Casn't beat that!!! Have fun (I know you will) and travel safe!!!