Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rockport Update…

Well, it was reported on Facebook that I hadn’t written a blog in five days.  So, even though the biggest thing to report still is

Rockport 2010 002

eating, planning to eat, and

Rockport 2010 004

card playing…we have this week been able to enjoy the

Mark's Woopers 083

Whooping Cranes who reside here at Rockport during the winter.  Mark was able to capture them in several

Mark's Woopers 132

close encounters.  Wow, they are such magnificent birds!

The weather has been beautiful this week as well, which allowed for a

Rockport 2010 005

trip to the beach.  We had to watch our step as lots of

Spring Break 2010 227

jelly fish had been washed up on the beach.

Yesterday, Rod and Deb, Mark and I visited

Rockport 2010 007

Flowers Shrimp Market.  We purchased some jumbo shrimp.  And, I do mean jumbo.  My two pound purchase netted me 25 shrimp!   They will be great for grilling.

After a slow start to the day today…yes, we found ourselves making lunch run to The Butter Churn.  Then, after lunch Mark and I had to make a trip into Rockport to purchase a new battery for the jeep.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just sitting around Mac and Lynette’s rig visiting and laughing.

The newest discovery for the week was made by

Rockport 2010 010

Molly.  This spot is now known as the “phone booth”!

Tomorrow’s activity is a trip to the weekend flea market.  It is suppose to be the largest in South Texas.  Guess that will be determined tomorrow!


  1. Funny!!! :) But,honestly, Karen discovered it...I just borrowed it!!!
    (A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

  2. Glad you returned from your blogging hiatus :)
    I like the phone booth!
    Can't wait to see some photos from the big flea market. That should be fun!

  3. LOVE that phone booth!

    Karen and Steve

  4. What more could you want... Food, Friends & GOOD weather! Sounds great to me! Have fun & travel safe!