Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Today we talked

Wildlife Day 001

Rod and Deb into getting up early to go to breakfast.  As you can tell by the look on Deb’s face she wasn’t really excited about the idea of early, but once at

Wildlife Day 003

Alice Faye’s, all was good.  After breakfast, we were off to

Wildlife Day 011

the Wildlife Refuge.  The first stop was the

Wildlife Day 012

Visitor’s Center.  Here, Deb and I found the Park Ranger so we could add

Wildlife Day 013

one more cancellation stamp to our national passport books.

Once we had


our books stamped, it was off for the tour.


Wildlife Day 018  Jones Lake, we were greeted by

Wildlife Day 019

this friendly face.


Wildlife Day 036

was then on the lookout while Deb was all excited about using Mark’s 300 lens for a few close up shots.

On down the road, we found

Wildlife Day 061

these footprints in the sand.  We aren’t sure, but were hoping they might belong to the

Wildlife Day 047

Whooping Cranes who are know to hang out in this area.  Only one way to find out, and that is to walk

Wildlife Day 071


Wildlife Day 073


Wildlife Day 074

up, to the top of the observation tower.  And,

Mark's Wildlife Pictures 016

when Deb and I could figure out which end of this thing to look out of….you could see

Wildlife Day 083

for a long way.  And, sure enough….in just a little while…

Wildlife Day 082

there they were…the Whooping Cranes we had come to see!  Wow….forget that 300 lens…we need that 400 lens!

Next on the tour, we met up with

Wildlife Day 109

Mr, Raccoon, who stopped right beside the car looking for any hand outs we might have.  Sorry, little fellow, the sign says “No Feeding The Wildlife”…guess you are on your own today.

His friend, the

Wildlife Day 107

armadillo, didn’t seem to mind us, as he was busy looking for his lunch.  And,

Wildlife Day 128

these deer stopped to watch us as they headed across the road to where the grass seemed to be greener.

And, last, we couldn’t resist the

Wildlife Day 125


Wildlife Day 134

butterflies and

Wildlife Day 151

blue and

Wildlife Day 160

red flowers that are telling us that Spring is just around the corner.

What a great day with great friends…truly…Life Is Good!


  1. Oh yeah, I'm getting one of those lenses!! Thanks, guys for a GREAT day today!

    Debbie & Rod

  2. We went there two years ago, and stayed until it was almost dark, and even then didn't want to go home. I drove that nature loop twice, but the cranes were way far away from the tower so we had to kind of imagine them. We enjoyed going back again with you guys today.

  3. Hey guys great post today... Looks like a great place to visit and getting another cancellation stamp~~ that is a HUGE bonus! Deb's look was so fun... guess she isn't a morning person☺☺☺
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. What a fabulous day you enjoyed, even if it did require an early wake-up call! Loved all the great photos today. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  5. Loved all the photos!! Looks like y'all are having a blast. Tell everyone hello from us. Hugs & love, Gina & Rollie

  6. Oh what a lovely place. Thanks for the great photos!

    Karen and Steve

  7. Oh what a lovely place. Thanks for the great photos!

    Karen and Steve

  8. Great Photos and tour of the Wildlife Refuge. We have been there once, and look forward to going back again someday. Thanks, Sandy