Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kid’s Last Beach Day

Yesterday, was the last day here for the kids and they wanted to head back to the beach.   So, we loaded up the gang, called LeAnn and Michele and made a plan.

Instead of tackling the ferry, we decided to go to Fulton Beach which is here in Rockport.

Spring Break 2010 013

This is a nice little beach and plenty of sand for all

Spring Break 2010 066

kids.  They had fun digging a hole to make a

Spring Break 2010 106

lake and then deciding that the lake needed a

Spring Break 2010 110

river.  I mean we all know that you needed a lake and a river to float your

Spring Break 2010 112


Caden found that it was a little more interesting digging in the

Spring Break 2010 080 sand closer to the water.  Soon, he had a hole big enough for

Spring Break 2010 086

himself.  Oh, gosh, we should all be so easily entertained!

Kourtney takes after her Moppa….just

Spring Break 2010 036

kicking off your shoes, and

Spring Break 2010 040

getting those toes in the water!

I enjoyed getting to see and visit with the

Spring Break 2010 111

Aggie roommates and watch them with their future

Spring Break 2010 105

Aggie roommates. LOL

The kids also had a great time playing

Spring Break 2010 035

on the boat at the playground.  ChazSpring Break 2010 033

looks out as

Spring Break 2010 018

Kourtney heads down the slide and Spring Break 2010 031

Madison is right behind.

Finally, when all were worn out, we headed to the Apple Dumpling Deli for lunch.  I think it was

Apple Deli

delicious….well, at least Mattie enjoyed it!

After lunch we headed back to the RV Park for naptime.

We finished off the evening with pizza from Panjos and a game of Hand and Foot with Andrew and Lauren.

This morning we had to say good byes to the kids and grandkids as they all loaded up for their drive back to Fort Worth.  We really enjoyed having them here and getting to be apart of

Spring Break 2010 115

Caden and Kourtney’s first trip to the beach!

Now, it’s time to catch back up with the gang here at the park.  And, it seems that the first thing on the agenda is lunch at The Butter Churn!  A great choice for a rainy day.


  1. Just adorable!!! I know you have enjoyed every moment. :)

  2. That boy has some RED hair!!! Remindes me of a little girl we had.