Sunday, October 18, 2009

Andrew Is 12!

Today, we celebrated Andrew’s 12th birthday.  We had a small family get together.  Poppa cooked hamburgers and

Andrew's 12th Birthday 018

the kids just had fun playing and hanging out together.

After the hamburgers, it was time for

Andrew's 12th Birthday 014

cake and

Andrew's 12th Birthday 011

presents.  Looks like Andrew really made out today.  I am sure he already has something in mind that will take care of most of this.


Andrew's 12th Birthday 024

really enjoyed big brother’s birthday cake.

Again, Happy Birthday Andrew, I can’t believe you are 12 years old, where has time gone.

Pop and I are very proud of you.


  1. Happy late Birthday Andrew Boy it looks like you really racked in the monies. hey I need to buy some oil/filters for MH want make a loan???

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW! I remember when he arrived and we saw him for the first time at Old Mill! WOW has it been that long ago?!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Have fun shopping, or are you saving up for something special? It looks like you enjoyed your day!

    Many happy returns!

  4. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Andrew ♫♪♫

    Looks like he made out like a bandit... It is amazing how our grandkids get older but we do not... Have Fun!

    Travel Safe