Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Camp Red Bay

Sometime during the night I heard the pitter patter of rain on the roof.  I knew the rain we left in Louisiana had caught up with us in Mississippi.

We were up again this morning by 6:00 and on the road by 7:30.  We needed to be on our way…even though it was only about 200 miles, we would be taking

Off To Red Bay 001 the rain with us and most of the roads for today are anything but interstate quality.  Well, that is with the

Off To Red Bay 004

exception of the road between Tupelo and Birmingham, which is the future I-22.

However, for us, we were only on it for a short time and soon we are back to

Off To Red Bay 007

the two lane road that would welcome us to

Off To Red Bay 009

Alabama and lead us right into

Off To Red Bay 013

Red Bay.

Arriving at the city limits, you drive down

Off To Red Bay 011

this main street which is lined with all these trees that are beginning to show a hint of fall.  At the next corner, you make a left turn and the campground/service center is just down the road.

We arrived around 11:30 and found that the campground was full.  That means we could check in, but would have to go to the overflow parking.  There we would wait for someone in the office to call with the next available site in the campground.  Sometimes you can wait for a day or so depending on how many rigs come and go.

In the meantime, we got the service work order completed and turned in.  I guess today we were lucky because we had just sort of settled in when Nancy called with a site assignment for us.

So, we pulled up the jacks and put in the slides and moved around to

Off To Red Bay 015site #60.

  Now, we will start the wait for the service writer to come and go over our list of concerns and repairs.  That will probably take place tomorrow, but it could be a few days from now, or next week.  This is were the patience is tested.

Once that happens, we will then wait for a call that will take us to

Off To Red Bay 016

one of the 40 bays.

In the meantime, we are going to enjoy the beauty that Fall in the South has to offer.


  1. I am starting to think they are giving out free money in Red Bay what with all the time you Tiffinites spend there....lol. Enjoy the fall.

  2. Yes what is it with all the Tiffins in Red Bay...and a full park to boot. They must have something going on there to draw all the MH owners off the road to stay there.

  3. Looking forward to our turn. I would love to see your fix-it list. Is it preventive maintenance mostly or things that have broken?

  4. Those are great pictures!! I just love the fall season. I think we were traveling a few hundred miles behind you all for some of your trip. Wasn't the rain awful?? We finally lost it today and saw the sun for the first time in days.

    Hope you all don't have a long wait but I have heard it's great fun at the Tiffin "camp."