Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Hometown Day Trip

As forecast, the rain is gone for today and the temperatures are suppose to reach the mid 80’s.  So, it looks as if it is going to be a great day for an outing.

My mom called and invited us to come downtown to

The Last Supper 002

her church.  Over the last several years, they have had the opportunity to be a part of the building of the

The Last Supper 003

Fort Worth Christian Art Museum.  It is located on the corner of their church property.  They had the opening and dedication of the museum while we were on this last trip, so this will be our first time to see it after its completion.

This museum was built for the sole purpose of housing

The Last Supper 007

The Last Supper 009

a life-size wax replica of  The Last Supper.  It is the hope of the sponsors that this unusual and meaningful presentation will have a positive Christian influence in the community.

Many years ago, these figures were  a part of our city and on display in several different locations.  Mark and I both remember getting to see and enjoy this when we were children.    However, sadly, the figures were placed in storage where they stayed for a long time.  But, thanks to the hard work from of a lot of people, the figures have now been restored and are on display for everyone to once again enjoy.

While sitting peacefully in this room,

The Last Supper 008

you enjoy an audio presentation of what took place on that night so long ago.

This life size interpretation faithfully follows the painting done by Leonardo da Vinci which he painted on the wall of a building in Milan, Italy, during the later part of the fifteenth century.

Also, as you enter the building, there is a wall in the lobby

The Last Supper 006

named “The Wall of  Christian Crosses”.  These crosses are made of puddle bronze and copper.  They were designed by Rachel Joy Colvin, Fort Worth artist, sculptor and calligrapher.

Along with the wall of crosses, there are many other Christian art pieces to enjoy.  They are still in the process of finishing the displays, but, one piece that I really enjoyed was

The Last Supper 013

this picture of The Last Supper.  It is a needle point that took five years to complete.


The Last Supper 011

is my mom explaining to Mark and his mom how the museum came about.  She is very active in her church and volunteers here at the museum one day a week.

What a treat to get to see this once again on display and being enjoyed by our community and visitors from all around.  I would encourage you if you are ever in the Fort Worth area, you take the time to stop by The Christian Arts Museum close to downtown Fort Worth at Hamilton and Bailey.

The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday and there is no charge for viewing.

From the museum, Mom took us to lunch at one my favorite places.  The

The Last Supper 015 The Last Supper 014

M & O Grill.  This is another spot that has been revived from part of Fort Worth’s past.  This grill is reminiscent of a grill that was in one of Fort Worth’s first department stores, Leonard Brothers.  Mark and Mom had one of their famous hamburgers while Gran and I picked soup and salad.

Thanks Mom for the invitation and a great hometown day trip.


  1. What a neat trip Mark was telling me about this when I called today. Glad he remembered to tell you to take the camera. Neat pictures Sandy would like to see the pocture of The Last Supper thjat was cross-stiched.

  2. Praise the Lord they saved the replica. Wished I lived near the area, would give anything to see them in life-size.

    I crossed stitched The Last Supper many years ago for my mom. Made sure I crossed stitched my name on it so I will get it back when that time comes.

    Tell Mom, bless her and thank her for the hard work in the museum.

  3. What a beautiful place!! Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful work of love your mother worked hard on. Please tell her that we will definitely put this on our list of places to visit on our travels.
    I can't imagine the work involved with needlepointing the Last Supper. There is another work of love. God bless all who worked so hard on this place.

  4. What a nice day.. How beautiful that art is. How lucky that you and Mark have your moms around.

  5. What a wonderful place you have highlighted today for us all to enjoy... If we make it to that area we will surly visit the museum... Thanks again...

    Have FUn & Travel Safe