Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party Time

The weekend has been cool and cloudy with misty rain.  But, today for a while it cleared and the sun almost tried to shine.  It did however clear long enough for us to celebrate

Zachary's 9th Birthday 066

Zachary’s 9th birthday.

Zachary Zachary's 9th Birthday 067

is grandchild number 3. 

He loves baseball, so he chose to have his party at the

Zachary's 9th Birthday 009

baseball field.   We had

Zachary's 9th Birthday 002

hotdogs, nachos, peanuts, and cracker jacks.  After eating, we

Zachary's 9th Birthday 015

played a little family baseball.  That is Alex, Zachary’s cousin on first.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 017

is waiting for the perfect pitch, while

Zachary's 9th Birthday 018

Lauren is waiting for Aunt Kate to tell her when to run.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 026

Caden and

Zachary's 9th Birthday 048

Kourtney got into the action.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 014

did a little coaching from the dugout, while I was the official photographer.

After the game, it was time for cake, ice cream, and

Zachary's 9th Birthday 121

presents.  Zachary got a lot great stuff…but the best present he ask for was

Zachary's 9th Birthday 131

dog and cat food to donate to the local pet shelter.  Way to go Zachary!

Next on the party agenda was the piñata.  But, first,

Zachary's 9th Birthday 072

Poppa had to help Aunt Bobbi up to find the nail to hang it on.  Once

Zachary's 9th Birthday 074

it was hung, it was time to

Zachary's 9th Birthday 079

start swinging the bat.  Caden took a good swing,

Zachary's 9th Birthday 087

while Kourtney needed a little help from dad.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 092

said, let me take a swing at that thing.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 094

just wants somebody to hurry and break it so

Zachary's 9th Birthday 103

all the candy will hurry and fall!


Zachary's 9th Birthday 111

was pretty excited about his cup of candy.


Zachary's 9th Birthday 109

was pretty precise about filling her cup.

This concluded the planned activities for the afternoon and all that was left was for the cleanup crew to come in.

Wow, Zachary what a great birthday party!  I am so glad Poppa and I got to share it with you.

Again….Happy Birthday and we love you.


  1. What a neat familt outing and party. Happy. BD Zacarey
    I know your famly is glad to see Mark and you back in FW

  2. Wow, what a great party.. Happy Birthday to Zachary.. What a fun idea. How neat for him to donate food to the shelters.

  3. A wonderful place to have a Bday party. Sounds like fun and his cake was no neat!

  4. ♫♪♫♪ Haapy Birthday Zachary ♪♫♪♫

    Looks like a great time was had by one and all... He is so darn cute!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  5. Happy Birthday to Zachary! What a fun party, it's great to see all the kids, tell them all Hi from us.

    We miss you guys, but are glad you're home to enjoy the family.