Monday, October 26, 2009

Off To Red Bay…

After a night of heavy rain mixed with a little wind and hail, morning came early.  We were up by 6:00 and getting the last of everything stored away for travel.  Well, at least is isn’t raining…oh, I guess I said that too quickly, because before we could leave, the rain had returned, and

Off To Red Bay 009

it stayed through Texas, and

Off To Red Bay 016

stayed through Louisiana.

The rains just seem to keep coming over areas that have already been saturated.  In East Texas, we saw water

Off To Red Bay 013

where water is not suppose to be.  We saw

Off To Red Bay 017

backed up traffic, the cause being

Off To Red Bay 019

an accident where two 18-wheelers decided they didn’t need to slow down for the rain soaked roads.  And there was

Off To Red Bay 021

more water where is wasn’t suppose to be.

It was raining really hard about the time we got to Shreveport, Louisiana and for two cents, I would have called it a day.  But, we keep trucking and

Off To Red Bay 028

by the time we got to the Mississippi River all was clear.  Thank goodness the rain stopped because by the time we got to Jackson, it was

Off To Red Bay 038

rush hour on 25-N.  After several miles of this traffic and a million or so stoplights, we once again found our way to

Off To Red Bay 040

the open road.  From this point we only had about 50 miles to

Off To Red Bay 041

dinner, fun, and a free night of camping!

A fun finish to a dreary day.

Tomorrow we will have about a 200 mile day on to Red Bay.  And,  yes there is rain in the forecast for later tonight and tomorrow with the high tomorrow in the 50’s.  I guess it is a good thing we decided to come get the heater replaced.


  1. Well you must have a reservation. No way I would drive through all that to go anywhere! Glad to see you made it safely. We are sitting here at the lake and it is on the rise too. I hope that it clears today so we all can go for a hike in the woods.

  2. Which direction are you going after Red Bay? We're down in the Florida panhandle in Panama City Beach. It would be great to see you!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  3. Looks like it is wet! Hopefully it will dry up for you.

  4. Those roads look too familiar!! LOL

  5. Your motor home is beautiful. I'd be nervous about drilling a hole in the roof too!

    We left Houston in October. We were in Texas for nearly a year. Boy was it wet and humid.

    We're in Arizona now, waiting on a job to open up in Nevada.

    See you down the road....