Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Grand Adventure

As you can probably already guess, our adventure today was to none other than

Grand Canyon 003

Grand Canyon National Park.

After waking to early morning temperatures in the upper 20’s, we weren’t too eager to get out.  However, by the time we had breakfast, packed our snacks, and headed out, the sun was promising us a beautiful day.

It was about an hour’s drive to the park.  Once we entered, we found that they were doing a lot of construction.  Parking was limited, but we found a spot and made the walk directly to the

Grand Canyon 010

Visitor Center.  There is where I found the

Grand Canyon 012

official cancellation stamp for my passport book.

While I checked out the

Grand Canyon 013

weather forecast for the day, which by the way was looking pretty good, Mark

Grand Canyon 016 was checking out the tour route.

After a short look through the bookstore, we were off to the South Rim walkway.

This is where we

Grand Canyon 018 we got our first look of the Grand Canyon.  As we continued along this upper trail, we were just amazed by the

Grand Canyon 020 beauty of rocks.


Grand Canyon 030

isn’t too fond of heights, but he did really well today looking over the edge.

We walked for awhile along this trail and then decided to drive down to the

Grand Canyon 055

General Store.  After a brief shopping trip here and lunch, we were off to catch the

Grand Canyon 059

free shuttle bus for the rest of the trip down the South Rim.  There are several of these buses that travel through each loop of the park.  We were looking for the one that would take us to Hermit’s Rest.  The nice part of this service is that you can get on and off at each lookout point and they have it timed so that you are never waiting more than 10-12 minutes for the next bus.

We did however have to wait for the third

Grand Canyon 061

bus before we could get started.  Lots of folks here today.  And waiting for the bus was better

Grand Canyon 060

than this transportation!

So, once we were aboard our bus, we chose to get off at the first

Grand Canyon 103

overlook.  From here we decided to take the

Grand Canyon 086

1/2 mile walk to the next

Grand Canyon 073

point.  This is known as Bright Angels Trail.  Pictographs near the trail give evidence of early Indian use.  This trail is popular, but challenging.  It offers a spectacular view of the Colorado River deep within the enter gorge.  The round trip is 12.2 miles and takes all day.  This trail is shared by both hikers and mules.  By the way, the mules have the right-of-way.

Yes, Deb…I wanted to do it, but didn’t have enough time today.  And, I didn’t bring my backpack…LOL

This time, we boarded the shuttle which took us to Mohave Point.  From this observation, we got a good look at the

Grand Canyon 115

Colorado River as it flows through the canyon making its way from the Rocky Mountains to

Grand Canyon 149

Lake Mead and on to the Gulf of California in Mexico.

This river is 1,450 miles long and varies in width from 76 to 300 feet.  It’s average depth is about 35 feet, but in places is more than 100 feet deep.

The river drops more than 11,000 feet between its source and mouth.  It loses 2,200 feet during its 277 mile journey through the canyon.

The width of the canyon is an average of 10 miles in a direct line from rim to rim.  However, rim to rim, it is 24 miles by hiking and 200 miles to drive.  The rims are about 5,000 feet above the river.  The elevation of the south rim is about 7,000 feet while the north rim is at about 8,000.

Again, we chose to hike the

Grand Canyon 120  trail to the next stop.  It seemed that we were seeing the same thing, but, it

Grand Canyon 160

always looked just a little different.

From this point, we took the bus on to the final destination of

Grand Canyon 164

Hermits Rest.  Of course like all good tours, when you get to the end, there is the

Grand Canyon 176

gift shop.  We looked around

Grand Canyon 170

inside and did a little shopping before

Grand Canyon 173

getting one last look at a real wonder.  It was time to catch the bus back to the village.

As we concluded our visit today, we were left with this scripture that was posted at the last lookout…

Grand Canyon 171

What a Grand adventure.


  1. Dortha & Mark your blog is great. I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. I have told several of my friend about your blog. Keep safe and keep adding those great pictures. Dortha you look great.

    We love you

  2. Hey, those are some pretty snazzy jackets you guys have on. ;)
    Dortha, I just KNOW if we had been with you we would have been doing that hike! :)

    Debbie & Rod

  3. Great photos, and just a point of interest. The Colorado River never makes it Mexico, it is sucked dry irrigating crops all the way down and supplying southern CA with water. It ends right at the border near Algodones.

  4. Mark & Dortha--Isn't the Grand Canyon spectacular? I've hiked to the bottom twice with friends, my sister and my Mom--she was 66 when we did the hike last. It is the way to get the full effect of the Canyon. Have fun you guys--I am off to take a quilting class today while Michael moves us.

  5. Isn't it just gorgeous?? We LOVED our day at the Grand Canyon and we pretty much followed your route, although we didn't do as much walking as you did. :)

  6. What an awesome adventure. You have really seen lots of beauty this summer.