Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Just Keeps Coming

The rains from the end of last week and the weekend just keep coming.  And, we have started this week 

Just Being Home 009

with more of the same.

I don’t think we have had quite as much rain as East Texas where Weldon and Sandy http://mtnairetravlers.blogspot.com/ are reporting torrential rains.  But, we are getting our share.  Where oh where is the sunshine.  Maybe there is a promise for the end of the week.

Yesterday, I spent the day doing laundry.  And, I do mean the day.  In between I started a little inside cleaning of the motor home, but I kept getting sidetracked with the computer.  It was a good day to catch up on blogs.

Mark spent the morning doing a few handyman items for his mom.  After he returned home, he started working on the outside of the motor home.

When we stayed at Nehalem State Park in Oregon, he tangled with a cedar bush when pulling out of our site.  It left some sap and some scratches down the side of the motor home.  Nothing that couldn’t be corrected.

Well, now with time to spare

Just Being Home 011 a rainy day and

Just Being Home 013  and a covered RV site…there is no better time to

Just Being Home 015

get out the cleaner and buffer.

Just Being Home 016

First, he applied the cleaner and

 Just Being Home 017

then he used the buffer.

I guess when he finishes with this new cleaner he purchased, he will go around again with the wax.

This project will probably last him for 3 or 4 days.

I hope all of you are staying dryer than we are here in Texas, but if not…I hope you too have a rainy day project.


  1. Oh no, not another cleaner! Hope he can get the scratches and stuff taken care of. We didn't get as much rain here today as I thought we would - at least not yet, lol!

    Don't work too hard, save some time for fun!


  2. This is how I remember our friend Mark....waxing and cleaning. I believe if I had a RV cover I would do the same??

  3. Some rainy days are good, get little projects inside done. Hope you have a nice relaxing week (once chores are done).

  4. I cleaned mine twice but to no avail.
    It just kept on raining so I gave up. I think I will wait until it clears up before I go after it again. We will be in Hickory Park Thursday afternoon in site 92.

  5. Somehow I knew without really knowing that Mark would have covered parking for his motor home! Good for him--IF we keep this motor home we are going to build a garage for it but that's a big if--off to hopefully bring the RV home today--stay dry guys.

  6. Rod hasn't ordered his buffer yet but he really needs to get that done. We didn't fair very well at Nehalem either...