Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Day With The Grandkids

As you know Andrew, Lauren, and Zachary had their last sleep over before school starts last night. Also, it was their last sleepover in this motor home. So, we had a great time laughing and remembering all the trips we have taken with them. We all talked about which trip was our favorite and then we talked about where they wanted to go for their first trip in the new one. They had so many places on their list, that I am not sure we made a decision. I just know there will be many memories made down the road.
They were all up bright and early this morning. We made breakfast and planned our day. They wanted to go to Incredible Pizza. Today was Wacky Wednesday so they got to enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited game playing. Afterwards we enjoyed our lunch at the buffet which included a salad bar, potato, pasta, pizza, and desert bar. Oh, my I am still full. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Who will come in first?

Zachary is taking a video roller coaster ride. Hang on!

Andrew's favorite was the bummer cars

Lauren and Poppa playing air hockey

Okay, Pop, you ready?

This is the buffet, quite a site, and lots of good food

We ate in the Route 66 dining room
Thanks Andrew, Lauren, and Zachary for a great day. We love you, and look forward to the next time.


  1. Mark looks like he is having as much fun as the kids. Good to see they had a great time before having to go back to school.

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget

  2. Gosh that looks like fun!!!! I think I'll take myself there one day...LOL