Friday, August 22, 2008

A New Look and A New Start

Well, I have a million things I should be doing today, but I made the choice to change the look of my blog, which is something I have been wanting to do. Finding and taking the time to do this was another matter. So, on this quite Friday afternoon, I took the plunge and the blog has a new look. Make note that I even changed the title, if anyone wants to change their links.

It must be the fact that a new school year is around the corner and that always brought me a new and fresh start to the fall. However, the temperatures here in Texas have returned to near 100, so I am not sure fall is really in sight. The rain the first of this week and the cooler temperatures was just a tease. I will be glad when fall is truly here.

With the new school year and hopefully fall around the corner, it is a reminder to us that football season is not far behind. We are definately a football family. Our boys both played football from the time they were in the 5th grade all the way through high school. Plus, our youngest son played college football. Karen, 6 and 8 years younger than her brothers was raised around them playing football and is now probably as big a fan as anyone, especially when it comes to the Texas Aggies.

Now, we have a new player in the family. Andrew, the oldest grandson, age 10, is starting his first year of football. Here is the way his first day of practice will be remembered...

Andrew, you are going to be great, have fun

Sizing things up is Andrew's coach and might I also say, his very proud dad !

Okay, you guys, come on, I'm ready.

And, his team appropriate for this part of the country...go Cowboys!


  1. Great new look! I like it a lot. Good luck to the football teams, including the Cowboys, as we sit here watching them in preseason NFL.

    Take care, safe travels!

  2. Like the new look, very bold. It's funny that you should change the name of the blog 'cause I always wondered why there was a difference in its name and the website address. :)

    Good luck to Andrew and his team!

  3. Hey I did not know that Scott was Andrews coach?? Is this at school? Please fill me in on this one.

    Joe and Sherri