Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Today started off to be a cool day for August in Texas. I have been packing some more boxes in the motor home. And, all the while, I am thinking if I have this much stuff after 7 years in the motor home, how much stuff do I have in the house after 35 years? Well, maybe if Karen and Kenneth decide to buy it, I will just sell it as is. Sounds like a plan to me.

After lunch Karen and I went over to the mall. She needed to get a school bag monogrammed and while they were doing that, we managed to find a few bargains. This is the last day of our Texas Tax Free Weekend. Then we went to Sam's and got some chicken to grill for dinner.

We just got home when it started to rain. So, what better thing to I have to do except chill here on the sofa with my computer and my Diet Dr. Pepper. However, I am thinking that the sound of rain on the roof would be a nice addition to an afternoon nap.

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