Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark

Today is Mark's birthday. The grand kids are going to share in celebrating Poppa's birthday by coming over tonight and having one last campout before school starts next week. Happy Birthday Mark!! I Love You.

After sharing his birthday with the kids, and spending a few extra days with them, we are leaving for Vegas on Sunday for a couple of days. He is looking forward to that. We are both anxious to go to Hoover Dam and see the progress that has been made on the by-pass since we were there in 2007. However, he thinks the best present so far is that yesterday we finally sold the U-Haul truck. Yes, the one we have been trying to sell for going on 3 years now. Yeah!!

Well, I guess I will go for now and see what I can do towards getting our campout underway.


  1. Happy Birthday Bud! Gosh has it been a year since the last one. Let me see you are 61 today. Just one more year and you can take early retirement?? Have the best day and Sherri and I are thinking about you

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!! Congrats on selling the truck, another step in downsizing.
    Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mark! Hope you have fun with the kids tonight and a great Vegas trip! I'm envious - never been to Vegas!

  4. I think Birthday's are special days.
    So from me to you!
    Happy Birthday, have a Great Day!!.

  5. Happy Birthday Mark!! Have a great time in Vegas, hope to see you in Tunica in 53506.

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget

  6. Happy Birthday, Mark! I think you should get a new motorhome for your birthday!

    Hope you have a great day, and may this be the beginning of a fabulous year!


  7. I'm way behind on reading blogs so Happy Belated Birthday Mark!!


  8. Happy Birthday Mark!!! I know you guys had a great time at the sleep over. Zachary is still talking about it....!!! Again, Happy Birthday and I hope you have many more!!!