Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Monday

Today is just news, no picutres...just laundry and babies for Karen and I. And, while we were taking care of those pink jobs, Mark was busy doing his blue jobs. He washed both the jeep and the motor home this morning. He also started a little packing of his things in the motorhome. I hope it was nothing he will be looking for in the next couple of weeks. LOL I guess we will find out, hope he labeled the boxes. Until next time...have a good week.

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  1. Hello from your friends. We will be heading to Wills Point to get our g-baby fixes. Also have to pick up some tools to do a project at he RV. I hope the weather cools off here soon so we can have our barn sale. We are going to add that money to our diesel fund. September will be here before you know it and I will have 6 months left!!!!

    Joe and Sherri