Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Journy Begins

Over the last 14 years Mark and I have been rv-ing in some form or fashion. We started out in a 1994 28' Allegro. It was our first and we used it to travel in to and from craft shows, which was a full time business for me. In 1997, we traded it on a 1996, 36' Thor Residency. We were still part-time rv-ing and full time crafting and putting children through college.

By the end of 1999, all three of our children had graduated from college. And, let me just throw in that we are very proud of each of them and the things they have accomplished. Okay, that will be my only brag. LOL. In 2001, Mark decided it was time to retire after 30 years with the Fort Worth Fire Department. His biggest dream at the time was to have a diesel motor home. After many trips to RV shows, brainstorming with others, looking and shopping we decided on a 2002 38' Newmar Dutchstar.

At this point, I decided that if we were going to have a motor home like that, it was time to do more rv-ing and less crafting. I wasn't sure that I was ready to completely give up the craft business, so we made the decision to go to craft shows that would allow us to travel and see things and places other than the every month trade days in Canton, TX. That was the plan set firm. Well, it should have been a jello plan because in the fall of that same year family issues caused us to have to be in Fort Worth more than we were gone. We tried to continue to book a few shows that were away from home but ones that would only take us away for the weekends. That plan didn't work out either and we found we needed to be home more and more. Now, one would tend to feel sorry for themselves at this point. I mean we have a new motor home, the chance to travel and the funds to do it. But. at this point, we had to take a deep breath, tackle the responsibilities that were handed to us and make the best of it. And, now as I look back at those days, it was worth ever obstacle we as a family had to overcome.

However, in order for us to continue to use the motor home, we decided that we would just go back to Canton, get us a booth, sell our crafts and let that be our travel time each month. And, then in the summer we would look forward to a fun vacation trip in the motor home with the grand kids. And we have had many of those. I must say that all in all, it was not all bad going back to Canton. In doing so, we were able to reunite with Joe and Sherri , Weldon and Sandy and pick up where we left off in 2002. And, that in it's self is a whole lot of stories and good times. And, how nice it is to have friends that help you get through tough times. We continued on with this plan for a good while. Then in 2005 things were beginning to be back in control here at home. We once again decided it was time to start traveling and cut back on the crafting. Have you heard that story before.

This time, so far, so good, and we have been able to take many trips and have been from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We have enjoyed our motor home and it has been a good one. And, I never really saw another one I wanted. However...

About a year ago, we went to an RV show and I saw a new Tiffin Phaeton and fell in love with it. They told us a new floor plan called the QTH was coming out in the 2008models. When I saw it, I knew that if we ever decided to get another motor home it would be a possibility. But, what do we need with a new motor home? We have a great one. Well, the 2008 QTH was introduced and it was all I thought it might be. I do have to say that Mark had some reservations. Remember, his Dutchstar was the motor home of his dreams. Okay, the Phaeton was on the back burner. Then in March of this year, we were in Birmingham on a trip and decided that we would detour through Red Bay, Alabama and take a tour of the Tiffin Motor Home factory. After the tour, we found out that the 2009 Phaeton was going to have a lot of changes with many items becoming standard. Okay, we will wait and see exactly what changes are made. The 2009 has made its appearance. And...ever since that day, we have had many conversations about this motor home. And believe me when I say we have tried to think of all the pros and cons of trading and how they apply to us.

A few weeks ago, we once again got serious about it and decided to make a move towards getting a new motor home. After talking with several dealerships we made the best trade for us at Danny Davis, in Memphis, TN. He did not have one, so we placed an order for a 2009 40'QTH Phaeton.

Now, this is where our new journey begins. Tomorrow, we are leaving to go to Red Bay, to watch the construction of our motor home. We will only go to Vicksburg, MS tomorrow where we plan to meet up with our friends John and Bridget. We have planned to have dinner with them and visit for awhile. Then on Monday, we will travel on to Red Bay and construction is due to start on Tuesday morning. So..........this journey will continue with a day by day account of the building of our new home.


  1. Wow! How amazing to be able to watch your new home being built from the ground up! Enjoy your adventure. I'll be looking forward to reading all about it.

  2. We are so happy for you! Here's hoping that the new coach is all that you want and more! We also hope that our paths will cross as we make our own pilgrimage to Red Bay! Safe Travels!

    Ellie & Jim

  3. Congratulations!! That is so exciting to be able to see it being built. Enjoy the journey.

    Hugs, Karon

  4. We are happy to hear the news. Have a safe journey and send pictures. Love you guys and pray for the best.

    Sherri and Joe

  5. Have a great trip. Can't believe you will see your new home being built.
    How exciting... Can't wait to see the blow by blow description and pics.
    Have fun.

  6. Great news and we're very excited for you both. We hope that such an experience is in our future.
    We look forward to reading your daily diary of this experience.
    Don't forget to post "lessons learned".
    Steve & Maria

  7. Congrats!! A new home is SOOOOO exciting. Stay safe on your trip.