Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Travel Days and Arrival in Red Bay

Sorry, I had no wifi last night, due to a Saturday night storm in Vicksburg, so I am catching up for yesterday and today.

We were on the road by 9:00 on Sunday morning. And, as Mark would say, it is time to slosh the diesel, it’s been sitting long enough. So, we were off on our new journey. Our destination, as you know, is Red Bay, AL with a stopover in Vicksburg, MS. We arrived at the Ameristar RV Park around 3:30. We had made plans with John and Bridget (FD5 and Mrs. FD5) for dinner and a little action at the casino. They were waiting on us when we got there. In fact, they had already been over to the casino and had the slot machines warmed us for us. LOL

Crossing the Mississippi River into Vicksburg...

After hugs and a quick hello, we got the motor home parked and set up for the evening and then settled in for a nice visit with new friends. And, we have been especially blessed , this summer to have met and made so many new RV friends and dreamers.

After a good visit, we headed over to the casino where we indulged in a great buffet. Speedy, I thought about you with every bite I took, right down to dessert. I am waiting patiently for you to be able to join us, “somewhere in time”. Then, with a full stomach, we proceeded to take ourselves downstairs to try our luck on the slots. We had a fun time, winning a little on some and leaving a little on a few more. By the way, Sherri, I introduced Bridget to the world of video slots. She fits in just great! Since cameras are not allowed in the casinos, so for documentation of this event, you will have to check in with John at He used his phone camera for a few pictures. Oh, my, how the evening flew by, and , at the end of the night, we had hugs and goodbyes in the parking lot until the next time. Thanks John and Bridget for a great evening. See you guys soon.

Mark and I got back to the motor home to make our plan for today. We had two free coupons for breakfast at the casino this morning which did not start until 7a.m. That would be good, but…we had this passing thought of what if the new motor home gets started a day early. And, with that being the main purpose of this trip, we decided to forgo the breakfast, get up early and head towards Red Bay...which brings me to the present time.

We had a good trip today, traveling up the Natchez Trace Parkway from Vicksburg and through Tupelo and around Fulton to Belmont and into Red Bay. We are staying at the Tiffin Campground for the next several days.

Early morning on the Natchez Trace Parkway

What a beautiful drive...

A stop along the drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway

This old hardware store on Main Street in Downtown Tupelo would make a great day trip...

Upon arrival, I went to check in at the campground office. And, when I gave them my name and purpose for being here, I was immediately congratulated for the purchase of the new motor home. We were assigned a full-hook up site with 50amp service and free wifi . LOL, all the sites are full hook up sites. Then I was told, go enjoy your stay and let us know when you leave.

Welcome to the Tiffin Campground...

We got the motor home parked and set up and we were off to the factory. We just wanted to make sure that we were still scheduled for tomorrow. We were greeted by “Red” the tour director. I told him what we were here for and he gave us each a pair of safety glasses, had us sign in and directed us to the factory. We walked across the street, walked right in and asked one of the workers if they knew anything about our coach which is known as “53-506”. She promptly pulled out a note pad and told us it was outside and was number 5 for her station tomorrow. She also indicated that it would be in its flooring stage by mid –morning. She explained to us that we could come back anytime we wanted and stay as long as we wanted. Then, she told us, make yourself at home and I will see you in the morning.

Tiffin Welcome Center

Mark has found 53-506. This is our new 2009 Phaeton

Front View

Passenger Side View

So, this is what makes this thing go?

Mark is getting scoop from the welder

I hope these walls belong to me! I guess we will see tomorrow


  1. Oh, Dortha how exciting is this. Reminds me of being in the labor room awaiting the birth of a new baby...
    It is simply amazing how it all goes together to make such a beautiful home. Have fun and enjoy every minute.

  2. These are great! Will you guys still be there next Monday? We are going to be at Red Bay for a factory tour. We'd love to meet you.

    Randy and Pam

  3. Mop and Mark I am so excited for you and thank you for letting me come along to watch it being built. This is an exciting time and I am sure you won't miss a minute of it. Take lots of pics to share. I will be looking forward to seeing it in person in Kerrville.

  4. Is that Mark bent over the MH working on the floor?? My gosh it looks like him. They will never get that built if Mark keeps trying to help...LOL Wish we could have been with you at the casino. Looks like you had fun. We will have to get do the casino thing again when you get your new wheels.