Saturday, June 21, 2014

A True Fish Story...

June 20, 2014

Yesterday, we pulled up stakes at the


Fred Myers in Soldotna where we had been camped


for 2 days.  Thanks Fred Myers for allowing us to use your parking area.  Great spot to park, and we got to shop too!

However, after a couple of days, it was time for us to move to our reservations down the road.

And, a big travel day it was...not!  We only had 40 miles total to Ninilchik, our new


home for the next week.

We arrived at the Alaskan Angler RV Park


where we are set up with full hook-ups, 50amp service, WiFi, and a laundry.  And, not a bad deal for Alaska camping.  It is a Passport America park, so we got 3 days at that rate and 4 days at Good Sam's rate.  And, since we are going to be here for a week, it is nice to have all the amenities of a full hook up site, but, I have to admit that I have been enjoying our parking lot and pull off style of camping.

We have reconnected with Wallace, Wanda, Bennit, and Bea.  It is nice for all of us to be


together again!   We even picked up Mark Nemeth.  What a great evening we had with good food, great friends, and, lot of chatter and laughter.

A prefect end to the day.

Today could not have dawned any better!  The sun was shining and there was no wind at all!  And, the guys knew they had chosen the right day to go fishing.  They had the charter booked and they were ready.  They are going with Afishunt which is based right here at our campground.

Thank goodness, because they


couldn't get the boat ready fast enough for these guys.

Once, the boat was ready, fishing license checked,


and the last minute instructions given, they


were off to Deep Creek.

And, when it was their turn, the tractor


hooked on to the boat trailer,


backed into the water, released the boat, and


they were


off.  Good luck guys!

Molly and I had followed the guys to Deep Creek, so we could get these great pictures.  But, before we returned to the campground, we decided to do a little exploring on our own.  At the end of the parking lot, along the waterfront, is a campground...dry camping only.  But, just beyond the campground, is a creek, and this is where we found


photo opt after


photo opt, after


photo opt!

Such beauty, the Bald Eagle!

Then, it was back to campground.  With all the guys off fishing, we decided it would be a good day to get a few chores done.  The day passed quickly, and soon it was time to head back to Deep Creek to wait for the boat to return with our guys, and hopefully some fish!

And, just like this morning, the


tractor backed into the water, and Seth


drove the boat right onto the trailer, and it was


hauled ashore, where the guys had a real fish story to tell!

But, it was still a secret to us, and it wasn't until the boat returned to the campground and the fish were unloaded


measured and


hung with care, that we knew their day had been priceless!

Bob and my Mark


were the big winners for the day.  Bob's fish weighed in at over 80 lbs and Mark's over 70!  All, together, all the guys brought in somewhere around 400 pounds of Halibut!

As soon as the picture taking session was complete, Seth,


wasted no time filleting this big guy!  And, when he was finished, we had


a bucket full of halibut, ready to be


bagged, vacuum sealed, flash frozen, and waiting for a ticket to Texas!

We did however, keep just a few pieces out, so our cooks Mark Nemeth and Wallace


could show off their cooking skills.  And, so, our


true fish story would have a great ending on


our supper table!

Wishing you all could have been here to enjoy the real fish story!


  1. A great story and they went fishing just for the "halibut"!

  2. It's only breakfast time here but that fish looks so good.

  3. It's only breakfast time here, but my mouth is watering for that great looking fish.

  4. So, I guess we can't call you a pavement princess anymore Dortha! :)) So glad the guys had a sunny day for their great fishing trip. The fish made my mouth water!!!

  5. Dortha that is a great write-up. But it was delious. One thing is true it couldn't be anymore fresh than it was. Sounds like a perfect day for everyone. Brings back such good memories.

  6. Hope you left some in the ocean for us. Great job!