Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Soldotna and Kenai...

June 17, 2014

Today, we left our


waterfront campground in Seward where


the lilacs were in full bloom.

We backtracked up the


Seward Highway leaving


the mountains behind us.

About 40 miles up the road we left the Seward Highway and picked up the


Sterling Highway to Soldotna.  For most of the way, the road was narrow and twisty, with lots of construction. Thankfully, it was


beautiful drive!

We arrived in Soldotna and found a great place to park at Camp Fred Meyers.  After a stroll around the store, checking out groceries, souvenirs, etc. the guys were ready to head for


The Moose is Loose Bakery.  And, not one of us could resist


a goodie from this selection of donuts and pastries.

The apple fritters were to die for!

Okay, let's go walk off those calories and no better place than the local


hardware and fishing store.  While the guys were learning about fishing in the area, Molly, Mary, and I found a great cast iron pie pan.  It will be just right for cornbread and maybe a pie too!

From here, we decided to drive out the Kenai Spur, to get an idea of what was in and around town.  We headed out to check out a fishing spot Rod Kendall told us about, but, we got caught in some heavy rain and it hailed on us twice before we could get back to Fred Meyers.  We considered the trip a washout and headed back to the rigs, finding


evidence that the rain and hail had beat us back.

Sounds like a good afternoon for a nap.

I read about what was suppose to be a good wildlife loop in the area. So, after dinner, we along with Bob and Molly, headed out to see if we could find moose or caribou.  We drove around several of the suggested areas, but, didn't find and thing.  We did, however, come across this


viewing area, where got a gorgeous view of Mt. Redoubt Volcano.  What a beautiful


sunset out across the water.

Because, it stays light 21 hours a day, the wildlife if late coming out.  But, finally, around 10:00 as we were deciding to head home, Bob, caught a glimpse of


this momma and baby out for an evening stroll.   Baby wasn't too sure of us and wanted to


to catch up with momma before she darted behind the trees.

On down the road, we found this


guy feeding right along the highway.  Well, the sign did read...Watch out for moose on the highway!

I think we rounded out this day!

June 18, 2014

This morning, we planned to resume our sightseeing, that was cut short yesterday by the rain.  After breakfast, we drove into Old Town Kenai to look for the


Old Russian Orthodox Church and Parish House Rectory.  The Rectory was constructed in 1881, and is the oldest building on the Kenai Peninsula. It still remains the home of the priest who serve in this area.  The church is the oldest in Alaska and is now a National Historical Landmark.

We also found this


old building...guess it could be considered a fixer upper!

From high on the hillside, you could see Cook's, we figured out how to get down to the


beach, so I could write in the sand and


put my toes in the water!  This one is for you Jim Meacham...wishing you were here too!

On down the road, we found this


Fish Market and


processing plant.

Mary is wishing she could


get in there to help them...or not!

The salmon industry is a very interesting and amazing operation!

Next, we decided to complete our drive on the Kalifornsky Beach Road which leads west at Soldotna and follows the shore of Cook Inlet south to Kasilof...bringing us back to the Sterling Highway.  However, before we reached the end of the beach road, Mark, found a little turnoff  It took us down to the


waterfront.  Here we found lots of campers and fishermen.  And, out of all the people that were here, the ones


we chose to talk to, know Wallace and Wanda.  It is indeed a small world.

They are using nets to bring in the


fish...a privilege offered only to Alaskan residents.

Across the road from the waterfront, we watched the


eagle feeding the baby.

Come on guys,


it's time to go.

As we were heading back into town, we found this little


shop,  They are located at the 100th mile marker on the Sterling Highway.  Yes, of course, we want to stop.  It was a shop filled with


wooden bowls of all shapes and sizes.




We made it back into town for a late Molly's favorite, Taco Bell, where we introduced Rich and Mary, not only to Taco Bell, but, to the Meal Deal #3!  I think they liked it!

Over lunch, we discussed our plans for moving on down the road....and the decision...

See you tomorrow from Ninilchik!

But, for now, we are all snuggled into our rigs, as once again, the rain has settled over Soldotna.


  1. Wow, you need all those hours of daylight, the way you pack so much into a day.

  2. beautiful and breathtaking! Thanks for sharing (Wanda Boblett) Molly's sister