Monday, June 9, 2014

Fairbanks...Full of Fun...!

June 5, 2014

We arrived in Fairbanks, and decided to head to the Sam's Club and check out the parking lot for an overnight stay.  We pulled into the back lot behind the gas station and quickly found ourselves with another great place to stay.  It was rainy when we arrived and it continued to rain for most of the afternoon.  Rich was able to make his battery purchases for the motor home while the rest of us headed in for Sam's all famous dog combo!  Molly, Mary, and I then did a little shopping for the things we thought we needed!

Later that evening, we made contact with Rowdy Stowell.  We have known Rowdy for several years.  He is RVing friend that we became acquainted with through the RV Dreams Chat Room and is a Face Book friend.  He lives here in Fairbanks, and told us to be sure and contact him when we arrived.  So, we did...we made arrangements to meet up with him on Friday morning at


the Fire Station in Fairbanks, where he is a Battalion Chief.  We had a great time looking


around the station and he and Mark had fun


talking fireman talk!

Upstairs in the


big kitchen, we settled in to discuss the weekend plan.  And, what a plan Rowdy had!

It went something like this...Missy and I would like for you guys to come and spend the weekend at our cabin, which is located about 50 miles outside of Fairbanks up the Chena Hot Springs Road.  We were all thrilled and quickly took him up on the offer.  Rowdy gave us instructions to be ready by 8:00 p.m.  We were ready by 7:00 and


waiting for he and Missy.

As promised, he was at Sam's by 8:00 and we


followed him out of town,


up the Chena Hot Springs Road, and about 55 miles later, we arrived


at the gravel pit, which in on 16 acres of land that belongs to his friend.

Another perfect Alaskan campground with


water front parking.

Rowdy said for us to settle in while he went to drop Missy and the trailer at the cabin and that he would return to pick us up in short order.  We did, and he did..

And, then the fun began...

Just two driveways up from where we were parked, we turned onto


his street...he said it was just


a half mile to the cabin...but, on this road


it seemed like 3 miles.  Then, we rounded the corner and


this is what we saw.

Missy already had the


campfire going.

We toured the




and the


riverfront property.

They showed us the original


log cabin and last but by all means not the least, we were shown


the outhouse...and I might say, a


well decorated one at that!  Do notice, the chandelier!

We had a great time sitting around the campfire


visiting...and before we knew it, it was well


after midnight...but who would have guessed in this land of the midnight sun!

We said our goodnights and headed back to our campground.

June 7, 2014

On Saturday morning, we invited Rowdy and Missy to join us at our campground for


breakfast of biscuits, gravy, eggs, and muffins.  After breakfast, they headed back to the cabin to do some on going work projects, and the six of us headed to


Chena Hot Springs.  We enjoyed the beautiful day and warm sunshine as we walked the


property.  We looked at lots of old




beautiful flowers,


herb gardens, and


cabins with sod roofs.

We watched folks bathing in the


hot mineral springs.

  We, however, passed up the hot springs to tour the


ice hotel!  And, yes, you can even spend the night inside and sleep on


the polar bear bed...made of ice

or have a drink at the


ice bar.

But, if you would rather be outside, you can take an adventure ride on


an ATV,


a snow machine...if it's winter...,


a horse, or...


take a sight seeing tour in this plane that takes off from the


Chena International Airport!

Or, if you just want to sit around, you can join


these three!

I think it's time for us to get on with our day!  We headed back to the campground and after our late night, we all decided a nap would be great before time to join Rowdy and Missy.

After that much needed nap, we made our way back to


the cabin in the woods.  Not only did Missy have the campfire going, tonight she was


warming up the hot tub.  And, Rowdy was busy warming up the grill so he could cook


salmon, corn, and potatoes.  Awesome dinner!

Again, we sat and

Photo: Great weekend at cabin New friends to Alaska and to the cabin. Glad to have you Bob,Molly,Mark,Dortha,Rick and Mary. Here's to new friends and RVers!

visited until way past bedtimes with our newest  friends!  And, all too soon, our fabulous weekend was coming to an end.



Rowdy and Missy for sharing your Alaskan dream!

This awesome weekend reminded me of this~



  1. What a great time! Beautiful cabin and what a great space they have there. One of our best memories was the time we spent with a fellow cancer treatment pal of Terry's. He and his wife live in Juneau and they did the same thing for us when we were there. They showed us all around Juneau. . . areas we would not have seen otherwise. Loving reading your blog, Dortha!

  2. Awesome blog.. So glad you got together with Rowdy and Missy. Such a neat place they have created. He was in chat last night talking about it..
    Looking forward to the rest of your adventure!
    Hugs, Arlene

  3. Great blog. Rowdy was so excited seeing you guys. Thanks for getting together with him, you made his weekend. Safe travels and I can't wait to read more of what you do.