Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beautiful Days...

June 22-24, 2014

Since our soggy summer solstice day, we've dried out and enjoyed a couple of


sunny days and


beautiful sunsets.

The guys fished the river Sunday afternoon for Salmon, without much luck.  Bob caught a Red, and Rich caught a baby King that he had to throw back, but, that was about it.  They said it was a pretty boring afternoon.  But, to be honest, I think they like the challenge of Halibut fishing,

Yesterday, they took the early boat


out to try their luck one more time.

Thanks to Mark Nemeth, we have verification that while




Wallace, and


Bennit, were busy catching Halibut,  Mark, with Seth's help,


was busy reeling in his


catch of the day!

After getting this prize, which Seth was glad to keep for bait, he was able to


bring in this Halibut.

Not the 70 pounder from the other day, but, still a beautiful keeper!

Thanks Mark, for sharing this side of the trip, and by the way, looks like


you have a keeper too!

And, when all was said and done and they returned to camp.  They were


pretty satisfied with the day!

Great job guys...and, thanks one more time


for providing dinner!

In addition to the Halibut that was


fried to perfection, we tried a new dish...


Poor Man's Lobster....which is Halibut boiled in sugar and salt water, covered with butter and sprinkled with Old Bay!  It was mighty fine eating!

Both served along side Bea's


jalapeƱo cornbread made another great meal.

But, after a meal like this, you have to take a walk.  And, just across the road from our rv park, Ninilchik offers not only a great place to walk, it also offers


some beautiful


views...even at 10:00 p.m.

These boats are waiting for the tide to come in so they can get into the small harbor.

A beautiful evening in Ninilichik and Cook's Inlet.

This morning started out on the lazy side.  Since the guys are giving the fish a rest for the day, we decided to take a drive.

  We made a stop at our favorite spot at


Deep Creek, where we had a clear view of the volcano, Redoubt.

  A closer looked


shows it venting.

Since we were given such a beautiful day, we decided to drive on to Anchor Point, where we found


verification that we reached the Most Westerly Highway in North America.

From here, we were able to see and identify

DSC_0122-001 DSC_0124-001


lliamna and Augustine Volcanoes, which make up part of The Pacific Ring of Fire.

While, we enjoyed watching


the tractors bring in the fishing boats, the


eagles were doing a little fishing of their own!  The poor gulls didn't have a chance.

We decided it was time to find some lunch of our own, so we headed on down the road to



However, lunch would have to wait just a little while, because, we found this


beautiful overlook, where Cook's Inlet and The Kachemak Bay meet...



Finally making our way into Homer.  We made a quick drive through the Oceanview RV Park, where we will be staying when we leave Ninilchik.  Then, it was on to lunch at Two Sisters Bakery.  We enjoyed soup, sandwiches, and savory pastries...of course, we had to try the sweet ones too!  I am sure this will be revisited during our stay in Homer!

Afterwards, we made the drive on out to the Spit.  We found a great place to boondock right on the beach for a couple of days prior to going to the RV Park.  Hope the rest of the gang likes the plan.

Once we made it to


Land's End, it was time for us to turn around and head back home. After our day in Homer, we are looking forward to a new adventure starting in a few days.

  I think it might be promising!


  1. I never heard of Poor Man's Lobster. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Really enjoying the blog. Looked delicious, but there is nothing poor about halibut.