Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tok, Chicken, and Beyond...

June 3, 2014

Upon our arrival in Tok, we checked into the


Tok RV Village Campground.  After several days, it was good to meet up with


the others.  Wanda and Bea had dinner in the planning stages...chili dogs and all the fixings.  It was yummy!  Thanks girls...our treat next time.

After a rough road travel day, we were tired and said our goodnights and sleep tights.

June 4, 2014

This morning we said our good byes again to Wallace and gang...they are moving on down the road a little ways, while we decided to hang out around Tok.  When we were in Whitehorse, we made the decision not to travel to Dawson City and the Top of The World Highway through Chicken and on to Tok.  So, today, we are going to do the drive from Tok to Chicken.  We have to say we at least made it to Chicken!

After a wonderful breakfast at


Fast Freddy's, we along with Rich, Mary, Bob and Molly, headed out for Chicken, Alaska.  The drive was about 65 miles and was it ever


boring!  No sights, no wild animals, no nothing...just trees!  We were about to question our sanity, when we finally saw


the sign that indicated that we had finally arrived in the big town



We shopped in the


store, drooled over the homemade pies, and, laughed at all the


chicken sculptures and


chicken bushes!

We learned a little about


panning for gold from a local couple.  Lots of work for


three little specks of gold.

And, now if you are passing through Chicken and need gas, just check out this


sign hanging outside the general store for the posted price.  Just don't expect to make a stop in the winter as the road is closed in both directions and only the postmaster and her husband can be found.

Then it was time to head back to Tok.  When we arrived, we found that someone, not to mention any names


had found us and left his mark...along with a little orange tape.

With plenty of daylight left, we decided that we would pack up and head on down the road.  But, first...we took the opportunity to


wash all the rigs and cars.  The Tok RV Village has this great wash area on site.  It cost us $21.50 to wash the motor home and Jeep!  What a bargain!

Once we were on the road we made it a whole 50 miles when we found this great


pullout at Dot Lake.  We decided that it would be a great place to camp, so out came the


chairs and soon


the grill was out and dinner was served.

Not many campgrounds have such nice




beautiful flowers,


wild blueberries, and


a this little chapel.

What a find...Dot Lake, population 13.  There are no services here, but they do have a post office.  It was homesteaded in the 1940's  and was originally a work camp called Sears City during the construction of the Alaska highway in 1942-1943.  The former Dot Lake Lodge is now a private home and houses the post office

What a great evening with


good friends.

Now, this is what I call


Happy Camping at


Lake Dot, Alaska!

A 5 star kind of evening!!

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  1. Thanks for letting me tag along on your journeys through your blog. The first time we drove to Alaska (PCSing with the Army) , we too went to Chicken. Here is a little tid bit we were told. Do you know why Chicken is called Chicken? Because they couldn't spell Ptarmigan. Don't know how true that is but.....