Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anchorage, Here We Come...

June 10, 2014

Last night, when we all said our good nights, we had thoughts of returning to Denali NP this morning to try one more time to see Mt. McKinley and take a tour with the sled dogs.  However, the rain that set in last night was still with us this morning, and the temperature was in the 40's.  So, reluctantly, we left our


beautiful campsite and made our way towards Anchorage.

The ranger at Denali told us that once we moved South, we would have a better chance of seeing Mt. McKinley...

Not so...


We located another spot in the Milepost that indicated we might be able to see it...


Molly looked and looked, but, it didn't happen...bummer!

The only thing we found at this location was


a great little campground, The Denali View North Campground...long pull-through sites and only $10 a night.

Maybe on our way back we will try Mt. McKinley again.  So, we remain with the majority, meaning 70% of the visitors to Denali don't get to see the majestic Mt. McKinley.

We traveled on towards Anchorage, this time our sights set on stopping in the little town of Talkeetna.  We had originally planned to inquire about flying to the top of the glacier...however, in today's weather, that wasn't going to happen.  We did find a great place to stop and refuel.. when is the last time you saw


gas and diesel the same price?

This station had a big lot just adjacent to it with several long pull-through sites, potable water, and a dump station.  This would make a good overnight stay and it was just across the road from the Visitor Center.  We waited in the parking lot while Molly and Bob inquired about the little town of Talkeetna, which is 14 miles down a dead end road.  They returned with not such good news.  We would have to disconnect the car to go there and there wasn't too much to see.  So, we decided once again, too rainy, too messy...just keep on moving towards Anchorage.

We made a stop just out of Wasilla at The Roadside Inn for lunch.  A hot bowl of soup hit the spot on a cool and rainy day.

Wasilla is also the headquarters for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.  Each year the race starts here in Wasilla at the Frozen Willow Lake and ends in Nome.  There is a tour you can take...on a nice day!

We are not far from Anchorage, and it actually seemed like from Wasilla to Anchorage, we never left the city.  Our destination...our favorite campground...


Sam's Club and they even furnished a


beautiful view...well, when the sun comes out and it quits raining, the view of the mountains will be really nice.

Well, no sense in sitting in the motor home all afternoon, so, Mary headed out to do some shopping.  And, there were a lot of choices and she never had to leave the parking lot...Kohl's, Best Buy, Michaels, Lowes,...just to name a few!  Rich said, shopping, no way, he stayed at the motor home and took a nap!

Bob, Molly, Mark, and I took out to do some exploring and the get the lay of the land.  We found the


Ulu Factory.  We watched a


demonstration of this great little Alaskan knife.  We watched


them being made.  And, of course, we made our purchases!

The factory is right on the water, so we walked down and watched


a few die hard fishermen...I think Bob and Mark


might have picked up the fever!

Come on guys...we got places to go...



Anchorage...we located the visitor center and came away with a lot of ideas for things to see and do...

So, for now, the rain has gone and the sun is out, even though it is 10:30 p.m.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and a fun time in Anchorage.  Who knows what we will do or where we will go, but...I am sure we will have fun!


  1. Too bad you're having bad weather and didn't get to see The Mountain. And sorry you missed Talkeetna. We spent the July 4th holiday there, had to make reservations in advance and barely fit us all in. But we had a great time, took a boat ride, saw a parade, grilled fish, etc.

  2. What a shame you missed Talkeetna. It was one of our favorite little towns in Alaska. If we went back, we would definitely go there again and stay longer. Quaint little town. And we did take the plane up onto the glacier, though not in the rain. To us Anchorage was just another big city and could have been anywhere in the lower 48. We would skip it entirely. Just my humble opinion. Glad you are having a gook time and hope the rain let's up for a while.

  3. Funny, how it seems to rain on our travel days, but it works out great to have the sunshine when we are "playing"! Talkeetna will be wonderful when we get back there in a couple of weeks...can't wait! Thanks for doing the's such a great recap of our days!