Sunday, June 29, 2014

Homer, Alaska

June 26 - 28, 2014

After our day trip earlier this week to Homer, we were all anxious to make the move 30 miles down the road.  Our original plans had us traveling on Thursday, but, once again the rains came and stayed with us all day.  Along with the rains came temperatures that pretty much stayed in the high 40's and low 50's.  We decided the best plan would be to spend another day in Ninilchik.

Yesterday, when the morning dawned with beautiful sunshine, we knew it would be a great day.  Just when we thought we were ready to roll,


Molly, the Rhubarb Queen, decided we needed to pick just a little more to take with us!  We certainly aren't lacking on our Vitamin C.  I see a pie or two in our future!

Now...on to Homer...

The drive was uneventful and within the hour, we arrived in


Homer a day earlier than our Oceanview RV Park reservations start.  So, our plan was to


  head out to the Spit to stay at the


Fishing Hole Campground.  This is a city park, no hook ups, but,


a great view from the front window overlooking Kachemak Bay.

Once, we were settled in, we took a walk


to check out the little shops on the boardwalk and take a stroll by the


harbor and before we made our way back to the campground.

Once, the tide was out, we could take a


great walk through the tide pools and down to the


rocks overlooking the


Fishing Hole.

  Curiosity finally got the best of the guys, so they


decided to test the waters to see if the fish were biting.  However, this afternoon, they only lucky fishermen seemed to be the


gulls hanging out by the cleaning station and the


eagle that guards the Fishing Hole from


the top of the light pole in the parking lot.

During the afternoon,


while the tide waters were in, the guys


made their plans for a little night fishing.  And, by 9:30 last night


they were ready to try again.  We all watched as the water swirled and the salmon came...but, Bob,


was the only one to reel one in.  And, a beautiful King Salmon it was.

All was not lost, because, it was a


beautiful night and sunset on the Homer Spit.

  And, oh, how we were wishing we hadn't made reservations in town.  But, we did, and, this morning, it was time to head that way.  And, once, we arrived


and looked around, we decided we could live with


this view for the week!  And, as for the fishing, the guys will just have to drive to the Fishing Hole.

So, welcome to


our Homer Adventure.

It is almost July and the fireweed has


  started to bloom.


  1. Dortha,
    We are loving your blog and pictures. We are so glad that your trip is going well. Rest, relax and enjoy, you all deserve it!