Friday, June 6, 2014

On To Fairbanks...

June 5, 2014

We really hated leaving our 5 star campground, but, we must move on.  Today, we made it to


Delta Junction, the end of the Alaska Highway.  From here we pick up the Richardson Highway, the road to Fairbanks.

Before we left Delta Junction, we encountered these


guys.  Now, these are only sculptures, but, I hear tale that the mosquitoes really do get big and bad in these parts.  I am not looking forward to the real encounter!

We refueled in Delta Junction with the best priced fuel ($4.27) we have seen in a long while!  Thanks Rod for the tip.

Ready to roll, we headed on to our


next stop.

  And, I don't care how old you are, you are never too old to


sit on Santa's lap!

Santa was glad to personalized these


books for our grandchildren.

Bye, Santa...don't work too hard...see you in Texas for Christmas!

From the North Pole, we moved on to Fairbanks.  We drove straight to Sam's Club where Rich needed to get new batteries for his motor home and we all needed a hot dog combo fix!

  We intended to move on to a campground, but, it was pouring down rain.  We inquired at Sam's and they said we could stay here on the parking lot.  Good deal for us.

Molly, Mary, and I decided to look around town.  We shopped at Sam's, Safeway, and Fred Meyers.  And, yes, we found something at every stop!  Best purchase..Alaska socks and fried chicken...

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to nosing around Fairbanks and taking in the museum.  We are also looking forward to meeting up with Rowdy and making a plan for the next couple of days.  More about that as plans develop.

For now...sleep tight!

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