Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Days and Counting...

Well, after my two days of doing nothing, things have certainly picked up pace. Yesterday we went to Waco, about 90 miles from home, to a birthday party. So that was the day. My daughter-in-law and I did manage to make a brief stop at the outlet mall on the way home. We went in to the Fossil store while Pop stayed in the car with sleeping baby. I got a much needed new purse and she got a new pair of sunglasses. We arrived home just in time to get to watch the other baby while her mom and dad were off to test drive a new car. They are in the market for something that gets a little better gas mileage. Kenneth works about 25 miles from home

Then, today, I woke up, to the fact that it is only 10 days until rally time. YES...however, all of that planning I did last week and the two days of nothing...well, now I have alot to accomplish. And, in the mist of having that thought, Mark has gotten up and is sick. And, my phone is ringing and it is Kenneth from the house. Karen and Kourtney are both sick. It's that stomach bug...bit them all. So today I have played nurse to two in the house and one in the motor home. All I can say about that is they better keep it to themselves. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for all.

In addition to getting everything ready in the motor home, I have a doctor's appointment and a much needed hair appointment. Mark's mom has a doctor's appointment. I will be picking up grandchildren after school a few days this week and helping Karen to pack up her classroom for the summer. All of that said, Mark will be pushing and wondering how and when will I get it all done. But, I seem to thrive under stress and deadlines, so I will still be putting things in the motorhome as he is cranking up the diesel. And, then I will have all the way to Branson to catch my breath and I will be ready to meet everyone and enjoy "rally time"!

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