Thursday, June 5, 2008

What A Windy Day

Well, today was to be another productive day in preparation for departure to the rally. We were up early and had the day planned, breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and then off to run errands, pick up things at Costcos, etc., etc. Before we could leave, my mom called and said that there was a line down in her back yard. I told her we were heading out and would stop by to check it out. It was just an old cable line, so Mark finished taking it down and she was glad to know that it wasn't something she needed.

Okay, we are off. We got everything done that we had on our list for the day. When we arrived back home, I got started putting things away and Mark was busy making another list of things to do. I needed to come back into the house for something, and headed out the door of the motor home when I noticed something strange at the end of the driveway. As I got closer, this is what I found.

The wind had broken off one of the limbs to one of our big elm trees. Oh, my goodness, and we didn't even hear it. I am just so thankful it fell across our neighbors driveway and not on their house or ours. Well, guess what, I know how we are going to spend the afternoon. Well, it took us 3 saw blades and help from our oldest son to get it done.

What A Wind

We were just taking a breather, when my mom called again. She was nearly in a panic because a big tree limb had broken off of her Bradford Pear tree and had fallen on her air conditioner. I assured her we would get it taken care of and that I would send the tree trimmers her way. So, Mark and Scott were off to the rescue.

That is about it from here today. I'm tired.

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  1. Holy Cow!!!! Glad we don't have any weather here.

  2. Lucky you guys were there to take care of things. Hope there's no 'weather' when you're gone next week!